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The Magic Word

Topic: Computing
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I begin by starting the computer, then begin mass digital signals are passed around inside the computer, both the serial and the parallel roads.A digital signal definition is that it can only adopt two positions, 0 = off or 1 = on. In the serial passages, one can only send one direction at a time, while the parallel you can both send and receive simultaneously. When I log onto the computer and press the keyboard produced a piece consisting of eight binary digits (a binary digit is either a zero 0, or one one one, these two are the only values ​​of binary digits may assume), this bit is sent to the graphics card featuring my taps skärmen.Jag starting to write the word and my keystrokes interpreted to binary numbers, which then remains on the screen. Time to send word. When I pressed the send it starts with the digital signal corresponding to the word goes through TCP / IP protocol stack, it starts by sending the word to Layer 7 (application layer) which is an interface to allow it to communicate with the network , the signal is sent then to Layer 6 (presentation layer). If the signal is compressed and encrypted, so at this layer.In stock 5 establishes the connection between my computer and the computer which word is to be added. In stock 4 is split signal up into several smaller packages, this happens to you do not have to get hold of a network for a long time and there will be less damage if a packet is lost instead of the whole. At layer 3 so addressed packet, IP address (the logical address. Reason for that IP address is for the TCP / IP identifies each host on the network with a number that is unique to the values, this number is the IP address) that the package will to be added and sent down to layer 2 where the MAC address (physical address, network adapter address, which is unique and consists of hexadecimal numbers that can not be influenced) is added. Layer 2 modifies the packets from layer 3 to bits as it is in pieces. The bits are sent down to the stock one that finally sends the pieces.

The digital bits that are now ready go through the NIC and on to the modem modulates the digital signals to analog.The difference between an analog and a digital signal to a digital signal can only assume two positions, but the analog can adopt any position, that is what might at any time. The signal is then sent out on the TP wire full-duplex. Ethernet 802.3, when it then my computer's turn to send out come the signal into the router where the router checks the packet address and compare it to the address table, does not address that sent the signal up to the router's default gateway, does not address there either so sent it on to ISP'ns DNS that has the correct address in its table and then it sends the signal from there to the right router. The router compares the table to signal address and then sends the signal to the right computer that is connected. Now the signal arrived at the right computer and modulated on the analog signals to digital again by the modem. Now it just go to TCP / IP protocol stack to be later presented.

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