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The Old man and the Sea

Subject: English , Reviews
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The old man an the sea is a fantastic book written by Ernest Hemingway. The story is about an old Cuban man by name Santiago. He lives near by the Gulf Stream and he spent all his days fishing. His only real friend is a little boy, who looks up to him and hang around with him all the days, listening to his talk about fishing and baseball cards. Santiago walks around, waiting for his big catch, but That day never comes. He fished every day in a row, day and night, for eightyfour days but he did not get anything. Not even the smallest fish in the sea. He was so tired on the eightyfifth day and the thought That his big dream fish would never show up. He only dregs a coup of coffee That morning and then he went out like all the other days with his little fishing boat. Suddenly, out there on the sea, he felt something on his fishingrod, and this was something he never felt before. It was huge! He fought for a day and half to pick up his catch from the sea, but he never succeded. At last, When the fish was dead, it was way to heavy for Santiago to pull up. He Began his trip home, with the giant fish wired to the boat, home. It was such a long way home for the old man and the fish.

By the time he was getting closer to the coast his giant catch had been eaten up by sharks, so now there was nothing left of the fish except a big skeleton left. He had not only lost his dream out there, overpriced the biggest he had - his pride. He was famous back in town for being the old time fisher who never gave up. All his life he'd provided himself by his fishing.

The old man and the sea is a typical Hemingway novel. He is famous for his type of writing, and the pattern in the book shows it. He was such a good writer That he was honored to receive the Nobel Prize of literature set in 1954. Unfortunately Hemingway did not seem to enjoy his life that much. He had big problems with alcohol and he had overpriced participated in a few wars, witch tortured him a lot afterwards. His biggest dread was to die, wich leads us to the big question why he shot himself in 1961 with a shotgun. I guess we'll never have the answer to That, we just have to keep the memory of him alive instead. A big talent like Hemingway is no one to forget.

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