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The Poor Sisters

Topic: English , Other
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The man shoved into the loading luggage into his car. He took breathed out and down the cap over his ears. It was in the middle of January and cold. Very cold. He sat down in the car and started to drive.
This is going to be so exciting, he said to himself as he drived out of the town. The man was going to his friend who lived in an old house from the 1600 century far away from town. The man liked old houses, Because everyone had an interesting story.
When he had arrived to the house, he was very tired. His friend made some coffee And they sat down around the table.
Suddenly, the man saw two girls outside the door, walking in the snow storm. He thought it was pretty strange. When he looked even closer, he Could See that the girls had ragged clothes - and no shoes. He started to pray confused. What parents send Their daughters right out in a snowstorm?
The man putted his jacket on and went out. He ran after the girls, but he Could not catch them. He screamed after them but They did not hear. He ran aunt and aunt. For a moment They were gone, but after a while he Could see them again. He ran. He wanted to warn them thatthis Could be The Last Thing They did the if They did not go back home. But suddenly They were gone. They did not come back like before. The man was exhausted. What was going on? He thought he had run a long way from the house, but When he turned around he Could see it. It was just hundred meters away. He ran back and told everything for his friend.
He told him That for two hundred years ago, two poor sisters from the other side of the lake were begging for food in this area. They went out late and got surprised by the bad weather That cameraman. They Could not find the way home, so They got lost and were going for hours - Until They were frozen to death.
The man did not understand anything. Suddenly, They heard someone knocking on the door. The man opened. There stood the two poor sisters, with ragged clothes, no shoes and a basketball In Their Hands ....
Fredrika Åström

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