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The story of Mari Beth

Subject: English , Other
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Once upon a time there was a little girl called Mari Beth. She lived with her grand mother in the big forest. Every day she went to a meadow, picking sticks of wood to warm up her Grandmother's house and make fire for cooking food. As a little girl she enjoyed the visits at the Meadowlands. She loved to look at all the animals and the beautiful flowers Which Grew on the meadow and she loved to watch the big tear Which was full of fish. But as she became older she changed her mind and felt real bored going there.
But she HAD to go there, Other wise there Would be no food or no warmth in the house ..
One day When Mari Beth as usual HAD gone to the meadow and felt really, really bored she found out a Way to Avoid picking the sticks. She went out into the cold water, laid down and started screaming.
- Help! I've case Into the Water! I will drown if nobody help me, she screamed as loud as she Could. She Thought That She Could Tell her Grandmother That she HAD Fall Into the River and That she was now afraid of going to the meadow, near the River. Then there Would be no more picking sticks of wood at all.
Her old grand mother heard her screaming and came running to see what was going on. When she saw her grand daughter in the river she ran out into the water, pulled her onto land. She Held her arm around the girl and Cried:
- Ooo ..! You stupid, little girl! You Could Have drowned! Never go near the river agian!
- Then There Will Be No picking of sticks at all?!, Mari Beth said happily.
- Of Course There Will, Answered the grand mother, you Will Still Have To go to this meadow, but just watch out for The River.
Mari Beth sighed loud, Stood up, kept on picking sticks.
The days went on and Mari Beth found the work more boring Than Ever. Then she got an idea. If she Fell Into the water again, maybe she Could Tell her Grandmother That she was really afraid of just hearing the sound of roaring water. She did not think long of it, she went out into the water. But she made a big mistake, she Took off her clothes before Because the last time she tricked her grand mother her dress HAD Been Destroyed.
- Heeeeelp! I've case Into the cold water again, she screamed.
Her grand mother came running and pulled up the girl. At first she Cried Mari Beth and told how worried she was. Then she Discovered That the girl did not wear any clothes.
- Did you set this up just to Avoid picking sticks, she asked Mari Beth.
- No. I did not, she Answered.
- You're lying!, Said the old woman, Stood up and went home.
Mari Beth felt very sad of making her grand mother disappointed.
She kept on going to the meadow every day, picking wood sticks. She now realised That she Would Have To always do that. A hot summer day she became very thirsty When she picked the wood sticks and thought she Could drink some water from the River. She went to the river, lay down and leaned over the water. Then she Opened her mouth and started drinking the cold, refreshing water. She stillage and stillage and Suddenly she Fell Into the Water. She lost her foot hold and was pulled out into the water. She called for help. Her Grandmother WHO was at the house reading heard Mari Beth scream. When she first heard it she got up and started running, Then she remebered That she'd Been trick twice, sat down and thought That This Time Would not she.
Poor Mari Beth was pulled under the surface, fighting to get air, screaming for help. But no one cared as They Knew she HAD trick her Grandmother before. Mari Beth did not come home That evening. Her grand mother thought she was angry Because no one HAD cared. But Mari Beth never came home and a man found her, dead in the river five miles away from the Meadowlands a week later.

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