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The United States of America

The Explorer

Christopher Columbus was the first man who discovered America and came back, actually it was the Vikings who was the first from Europe, but They did not came back to Europe and tell everybody about the new country. Anyway Christopher Columbus thought That if the earth was round he Could get to Asia on an Easier and much shorter way, if he sails in the opposite direction. Columbus knew that if he Could sail to Asia and save a lot of time he will Became rich. Because in Asia The Europeans Bought lots of stuff that was very expensive in Europe. It was like different kind of spices and China's. Columbus got a license from the Spanish queen to do his expedition. Columbus underestimated the size of Earth, instead, he found a new country. Columbus was the first who Explored the continent in fact the new continents mainland was discovered of Americo Vespuchi who first got all the credit for his discovery. In fact if Columbus had not preformed his expedition, had Vespuchi never sailed and found the Mainland. It was after Americo Vespuchis firstname the continent was named

Amerindians and there fight against the settlers

More and more settlers came to the new country, but soon They Realized That They were not alone in the big country. There it was inhabitants who had lived there fore ages, some of the inhabitants Which The Settlers called Indians were very friendly and some was not.
I can easy understand why some inhabitants were not so friendly. I think the Indian didnt want to be "invaded" of the whites In Their Own Country. Then all the settlers came and took Their land, the settlers did not care about the Indians and Their country, the settlers thought That the country was only theirs and That it was the Indians who had to move away. The settlers looked at the Indians as Their subjects and treated them nearly like animals, I think. I can take the Sioux for example; They had been hunting buffalos in a very long time and that was Their only livelihood. From the buffalos They Could husband's clothes, get food and tools, but When The settlers started to hunt buffalos, They took morethan They needed, so nearly all the buffalos disappeared and That drew the Sioux very angry. They started with protests, but the settlers ignored them. After a while the Circumstances for the Sioux Became very bad Because of the Decreasing numbers of buffalos. So the Sioux went to war against the settlers. Many other Indian tribes joined theminto the war for example the Cheyenne. This war was quite long and with scattered battles. It locked for nearly two hundred years. The American government first ignored the problems with the Indians and the settlers for many years. First after the battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876 When General Custer was beaten and killed by the Indians, the government took the war seriously. After That the American army defeated the Indians many times Until The Indians finally surrendered. The main reason why the Indians lost most of the battles was Because of the American army superiority in arms. I think thatmany of this fights do not werewolf Necessary, I Think That When The settlers were Peace Negotiations With The Indians They misunderstood eachother and That Lead to Unnecessary battles.

War of Independence

First the America was British colonies, but the people in America wanted to havetheir own country. So the colonies worked together like a Continental Congress. The leader was George Washington, after the war he Became the first American president.
All started in the 18 April 1775 When 700 British soldiers went from Boston to Concord. Their mission was to disarm a rebellion group in Concord. But in the forest beside the way to concord the rebel lions were hiding And they shoot down most of the British troopship. That was the start of the war of independence. Then only a month later in May 1775 The Continental Congress act like The First American government. They set up an army of 17,000 but the who command by George Washington, who was at that stage a big landowner with experience of the France and the Indian war. The congress overpriced late Representatives to seek for help from friendly nations like France who was the Britain's biggest enemy in That torque. That after the fighting's became a full-scale war. After one year of fighting the Continental Congress finally cut all political ties from Britain and Became an own country. Two days later the Congress formed the declarations of independence. The declarations of independence was more than a proof That all the colonies had Became one big country, it is overpriced sad That all people enter That country have all rights to life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness. In the Declaration of Independence They finns wrote ten head Laws That are valid in every state.

A state is like an own little country, Because all states have They own state laws. Every state overpriced HAS one governor who rules in each state and all people have to pay state tax and domestic tax. When it is time to choose a new president all states havetheir own election.

The black slaves

The black people came to America from Africa like slaves. The white people thought That the black people were like animals. So the black people Became slaves who worked in farms, They had nothing to say And they had no pay for Their Work. But in the 1800 manypeople wanted to stop the slavery and the protest went to a war, it was the south of America against the north. The South wanted to keep the slavery and the north was against it. The war end with a victory for the North and the slavery was stopped, but for many years after the black people was in deep oppression by the white people. In the year 1950 a black woman refuses to leave her chair for a white man in a bus. That was the beginning of the real change for the black people. Today the black people are treated like the white nearly, but unfortunately many black people live very poor. They do not have the same opportunities as the white people Because of Their Past. Education for example, it cost a lot of money to get a high education Which many black people do not afford to. It's like an evil circle I think.

A Holiday to remember

Thanksgiving celebrates the fourth Thursday in November every year. It started in November 1621 Pilgrim When joined the Indians Feast. The Indians shared corn with them and Showed them the best place to fish at. The Indians Also Showed the settlers how to plant crops and were it would grow best in the American soil. That was the beginning for the holiday Thanksgiving.
4th of July is America's national day and is called the Independence Day. The American people celebrate the day When America Became an own country in 1766 When The Continental Congress Decided on the Declaration of Independence.

America today

Today America is one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world; Because much of the oil I think. Unfortunately many people in America is very poor, specially the black and the Latinos. I think America havebeen so powerful and rich Because When all the settlers Became independent from Britain They Could form the country in a more modern way Compared to the older European countries. America was very early with a variety of Democracy and That help them to get a good leader who Could earn money for the country and other positives stuffs. In Sweden in That time we had a king who cared more about himself than about the countryside, it's a big step from America in the evolution in That Time. But one of the Things That I think was very important was That the settlers who came from very different places and When all the people who knew lots of things from there experience in there home country worked together in the molding of America's laws and other decisions' who was important for America.

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