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The United States of America

Topic: English , Geography
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The United States of America is a country, in North America. There are almost 300 million inhabitants in the United States. United States Ice The Third Largest in the World.


The Climate of the US is not the same in all parts. It varies very much, but you will find all kinds of Climate here. For example They have tropical climate in Hawaii and Florida, but in Alaska it is an arctic climate. The Southern states are called the Sunbelt Because it is so warm there. The most Extreme Temperatures During The summer is 57 degrees C, in California, and the coldest ice in Alaska
- 62 degrees C. In some parts there is a lot of tornadoes and along the coasts there are hurricanes especially by the Mexican golf for example New Orleans Which was struck so badly by the Hurricane Katrina last year.


In the US They have democracy. And they have got two parties, the Republicans and the Democratic Party. Right now George Bush is the president, he and the Republicans rule the country. They vote about who is going to rule country every fourth year.


The US HAS Reviews one of the biggest and most Technological Industries in the World. For example there is the car industry, the oil industry and the computer industry. Tourism is overpriced important.

It is a very rich country in spite of thatthere is a lot of poor people in the US, and some people are rich. The difference between rich and poor is very big.


Most of the people in the United States speak English, it is Their mother tongue. The second most important language is Spanish.


The capital is Washington DC or Washington District of Columbia. Here you can find for example the White House, Which is the president's home. The name of the capital is Washington Because the first president of America was called George Washington.

The Flag

The flag in the US Consist of red and white stripes and a blue field with 50 stars on it symbolizing the 50 states of America. It is called the banner of stars. The biggest state is New York, but Washington is the capital.
Differences and Similarities between the United States and Sweden:

• The United States is a much bigger country than Sweden.
• In Sweden our currency is crowns, but in the US the currency is US dollars.
• Both the countries have a big car industry.
• Both the countries have democracy.
• In Sweden we have got nine political parties, but in the US the'll have only got two.
• The US HAS got a president but in Sweden HAS got a king.
• The weather is not the same in the United States and Sweden, in the US you can find all kinds of climates but in Sweden it is not Such a big difference.
• The food and the eating habit in the US are unhealthier than in Sweden.
• They have a different grading school systems, They have letters from A to F and we have four levels - IG, G, VG, MVG
• Sweden HAS free school lunches. In the US They have to pay for it or making Their own food.
• Some schools in the US have school uniforms.

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