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The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

Subject: English , Reviews
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"The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" is a book about a woman in her late 30-ies. Her name is Paula Spencer. She married a man named Charles Spencer When She was about 21 years old. They were both very much in love with eachother, but Charlo, as he was called, was not always the Man That Paula loved. During Their marriage They got Several children. They were married, and Paula was beaten by Charles for 17 years, until she threw him out.
The author of the book was a man, Which amazes me due to his incredible way of seeing things through a woman's eyes. Even thought I never found a specific party, or page, or a single sentence in the book, That Showed how he under stood a woman, I got the feeling That he really did. That made me understand why he could be such a great author as many people say he is, eventhough I personally did not like the book. That was because i did not like his way of telling the story. He always told me what would happen, and then he could talk about ten different things, and suddenly write a whole chapter about what I already knew was going to happen. Only this time, everything was written in detail. I did not like the waiting. I like to know things Immediately, not having to read 20 pages before I get to the rest of the interesting information. However I enjoyed the book on account of its interesting storyline. It was educating to see the world through the eyes of a woman who was beaten, had several kids to look out for, and was overpriced an alcoholic. And once again, I think it's unbelievable That a man had written all of it.
The language was what I would call it, a "good language" for a book. It was not hard to read at all, so I kept my eyes Following the text, sentence after sentence, page after page. In liked that. Unfortunately
I would like to read a bookthat is a bit more Bike or Bus to read, since this book did developement my language, so to speak. I did not learn anything new, When it comes to the language, and since I've already read a lot of English books, so I do not think need to train my reading so much. This book was too close to my level of English, for me to feel that i learned anything new from it. And That is what I am looking for in an English book: a little challenge to developping my language.

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