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Subject: Philosophy , Swedish
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Accessibility is one word that can describe many things with a guy / girl may be available, a job might be available, they can be available for eight, etc. There is also so much that can be available, but only for some. Some people can not get jobs because of its origin and name, they have a mental or physical disability or that they are not of the gender that the employer wants you to be. Why should this world be so accessible, yet so much more but hidden inaccessible than you think and know so many people every day struggling to get a job but can not because of the employers and the standard prejudices but also its own hatred or disgust against others who are not like them. But why hate when it will still come back twice as hard, do you hate dark colored people so learn maybe your daughter or son to come home one day with a guy from Nigeria and say that they should get married so that their boyfriend / girlfriend to get a residence permit here in Sweden, or if you hate homosexuals so will some day their son or daughter to come home and tell dad / mom I want to change sex or you will for example their son to come home one day and say daddy this is Roger and I love him. So why the hate? It will either end up with the turns against you, or that you will be so bitter and unhappy so it's going to end up with you will be miserable the rest of your life because you could not get over your hatred, instead to try to find peace and have patience with what you before thought would be impossible for you to understand. We are all human so why can not we get along and live together in a society where everyone is accepted, can it really be so hard to see past their problems and their own self-interest so that they want to live in a society where it is "The and we are. "
Very rarely can one who is disabled get a job because many people do not know what they are capable of. They believe that they would only be a burden that would give them extra work but it is not true. Many people who are disabled have been taught since childhood to take care of themselves because they know that there is someone who will take care of them the rest of their lives, so many disabled people are so much more independent than those who are not disabled . A disabled person is not just a person with a mental and / or physical disabilities, but it is usually a happy person with a lot of soul, a hardworking person who put heart into everything, a person so afraid of making mistakes that it makes everything more accurately than another person simply had not dried. As a disabled person so it's not always about money but feel like they mean something, that they have a purpose in life. Is not that how we all want to feel in this life? We are not as different as you might think we are rather more equal, we want the same things but the difference is how we get there and what and / or who will stop us.
A known adage that I try to live by is "that one should treat others as you want to be treated." That is not really something that you're not Swedish, retarded, Skåne, has the right hair color or simply do not look like others want you to look, you should be yourself matter what, take it or leave it. One should not live their lives trying to please others but to live with her to seek happiness and try to make yourself happy with yourself, then get others to say what they want because they have not to do with it.
Why do so many immigrants feel obliged to change its name to a typical "Smith's name" to even have a chance to get a job? It is so wrong, so I am completely speechless. Racists should take a look at their own life and see what is wrong there instead of seeing what is wrong with a person's name and then toss their job application in the trash barrel. How can you even have a clear conscience after doing such a thing? It may have been the one that would fit best for the job but instead of even giving it a chance to throw the application just as if it does not do anything. There are many immigrants in Sweden right now are trained to include engineers, doctors, architects, etc., yet they work like chambermaids. It should not have to be and so every day we hear that there is a shortage of doctors, etc. but no, no immigrants they want but they must have a Swedish. What is it that is so wrong? Why you can not even test whether their skills are adequate before judging them to live the rest of his life as a cleaner? Many people believe that immigrants such as Rosengård sitting at home and levar on welfare but many do not know is that most people are looking for jobs but can not get one because of its appearance, name and background. We are the ones that exclude them from society right from the day they arrive. Most Swedes have so many prejudices about immigrants because everything they read in the papers about burglaries, fires, violence against officials and civilians robbery. According to me, it is we who create the criminals because we refuse them jobs and we shut them out, they may not have enough money to support their families, so the only choice we give them is to make the offense in order to support his family . When they stretch out their arms for help, they refuse to give them ours. So simply, it is the works jobs, social acceptance or help available to them.
It's terrible what we are blonde, blue-eyed "Smith" people are selfish even when we need more workers here in the community. The workers are there but we refuse to give them a chance for us to let our "empty" arguments, opinions and our prejudices get in the way. We are all so blind.

Lina Holmgren

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