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Topic: Physics
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On 26 April at 01:24 in 1986, something terrible happened. In the town of Chernobyl in the former Soviet occurred a meltdown in a nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant was located in the Soviet Union today called Ukraine. It would test the reactor at a power failure, so they turned off the security system. The reactor began to boil, and exploded. More on the cause, you can read below. After 30 days, 30 people had died. Nuclear radiation spread rapidly across Europe. At Forsmark nuclear power plant was noticed by the radiation, and thought that it was leaked. But after a while I discovered that it came from Ukraine and blown all the way here to Sverige.Orsaken accident was an expriment security reasons actually. Reactor Operators wanted to explore how to manage to produce power during a power outage. All reactors have a diesel generator used to power failure. During normal reactor work work reactor with total capacity of 3200 MW (megawatts). Part one of the test was to turn down the output to 800 MW. To test would work, you had to turn off nödkylssystemet and other security systems. For some inexplicable reason it went past the 800 MW up to 30 MW. Reactor operators are panicked that the value would go down to zero. They decided to take out some of the Chernobyl reactor, the day after the accident.
control rods so that the nuclear fission
(Fission) went faster. Despite this increased MW value only to the 200th After a while the water began to boil in the reactor, then the cooling water that normally cools for a while and then replaced with fresh, cold water stopped circulating. The stagnant water started to boil so that the formed vapor bubbles. In the Swedish reactors, it would reduce the reactor power but in the Chernobyl reactor, so it just got the reactor power increase. As the reactor power increased extremely and rose to 30,000 MW, which is about 9 times as much as the regular 3200 MW. The cooling system and roof burst of pressure. Carbon monoxide was formed and mixed with hydrogen gas that exploded. The explosion ignited the graphite in the reactor and it started to burn. It burned much and long, about four days. What happened is called härdmälta, reactor overheats and melts or explodes. Several tons of radioactive strontium, cesium and plutonium spread over millions of acres of land and affecting millions of people. In Sweden, the heaviest fallout in Gavle neighborhood. In northern limited production of meat and fish. Several lakes ingests radioactive matter, most cesium. In thousands of reindeer slaughtered, Sweden gets about 700 million in damages.

Altogether, the Chernobyl accident has taken many casualties. As previously said about 30 people died near the nuclear plant and the staff and guards. The death toll due. The accident is difficult to determine after that that Russia is trying to cover up the whole incident. 200,000 to 800,000 people, mostly soldiers in the army were sent to clean up after the accident. Many dug under the reactor to prevent the core would burrow deeper into the ground. Some ran into and tried in some inexplicable way stop radiation by covering it with lead. It became an indirect slaughter. The damage was not noticed for even after months. 9000-80000 of those who dug in the reactor is dead now due. radiation, many have illnesses related to radiation. After seven years had about 12 000 children died due. radiation. Every day, more of the radiation caused by the Chernobyl accident.

- A few weeks after the accident isolated one reactor with steel and cement, which was named the sarcophagus. Today it is stated that the sarcophagus is about to burst.
- The number of cases of leukemia and blood cancer among children in the United States rose 30 percent in the next year after the Chernobyl accident.
- In 2000 it was burning strongly in forests around Chernobyl reactor because the forests were covered with radioactive fallout.
- In total, the accident cost the Ukraine / USSR approximately 1000-2000 billion. The money was paid mainly by the Government of Ukraine and have gone to damages, repairs and renovation.
- The emission of radioactivity because of the Chernobyl accident was about 200 times greater than the emissions after the two atomic bombs that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
- Chernobyl means wormwood in Russian.

Facts on the number of deaths and so on. is really quite impossible to determine. Everywhere there are different numbers. The IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency stated that the number of long dead due. accident, 30 people, which is demonstrably insufficient. If it came up that there were 100,000 who died due. accident would probably nuclear power in the Soviet nuclear or whatsoever scrutinized much harder. Various organizations and associations writes that the death toll was in the millions, which is pure fantasy. Russia and Ukraine
and organization downplay the accident, the Chernobyl nuclear power before the accident
many documents stamped secret and
never came out in public. The nuclear industry is so extremely powerful so that they describe the accident as "not nearly as dangerous as you think." Ukrainian government also pushes the truth in many ways by withholding facts and saying that everything is under control.

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