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Subject: Biology , Plants
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It was an ordinary day, I did absolutely nothing. I was only in my place like any other, a bit cramped but ok. We were in a large fir tree that was in a large forest. It was a typical day like I said, we thought ...

We all heard a humming, it came closer and closer. It was whispered that we would be felled and toilet paper. Then it started to shake and we fell to the ground. We lifted up and went through the machine so-called arm, all the trees' branches were cut off. With a lot of other tree logs were brought on a truck off to the pulp industry. There, we were treated with much energy and chemicals and we were paper, a large roll. With another truck, we were brought (roll) to a paper mill, where we went through the machines that put a lot of texts and images on us. We were cut into smaller pieces and became a newspaper, Aftonbladet. The magazine I was in and many more were loaded again in the truck, a minor, and went away. The truck stopped in front of a kiosk, Press Office, the newspaper I was in and fifteen other papers given to a woman. She put us on a shelf. A man he had coffee in his hand, he lifted up the newspaper (which I was) and went to the cashier to pay. He sat on a bench and read in the fourth, then he threw the newspaper in a green box in which it was written with white letters, recycle your Metro here. One of the garbage truck came and took all the papers that were in the drawer. We were taken to a återvinnigs factory, I was much shorter now, we were thrown into a liquid, with a lot of chemicals. Now disappeared, all text and image. We mixed with virgin pulp so that we would keep. In the end, we became new paper. After this process had been carried out 5-6 times, we were finally toilet paper. After we had been the last time we dissolved into the toilet.

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