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The car

Carl Benz built the first gasoline powered car in 1885, after which he later merged with Gottfried Daimler to lay the foundation for the German car industry 1886th
Have evolved pretty quickly and gave us the cars we have today is much safer than 50 years ago.
What is it that makes the car safe and what you can think of to keep your car as safe as possible?

Fakt Adel:
Belts, one of the most important protections we have in the car to ensure that your body is restrained as gently as possible in a crash. It keeps you in the car and prevents the body from being thrown against the dashboard. The seat belt reduces the risk of being injured or killed by up to 70%. Nils Bohlin invented the three-point 1959th

Tread depth of winter tires should be at least 3mm, the summer minimum of 1.6 mm.
But you should have tires that have a tread depth of at least 4mm, which is already at 3-4mm risk of aquaplaning. Mixing summer and winter tires is dangerous, plus you can be fined. Are the tires older than 10 years, you should replace them. The tires with the most tread should ideally have the rear of the car, to reduce risk of skidding.
Studded tires may be used October 1-30th April. Requirements for the winter: December 1-March 31.

In the car, you have two different brake systems. The service brake and parking brake. The brakes help you stop the car at different obstacles like, say, a moose on the road or an accident ahead. And when parking. Newer cars have a new developed system, known as ABS (Anti blockier system) which means that the brakes do not lock up. It lets you control during heavy braking and reduce skidding during braking. You should check at regular intervals so that your front wheel brakes harder than the rear wheels to avoid the rear-wheel skid.

The service brake are controlled by force to the brake pedal with the brake fluid.
It is important to keep track so that brake fluid does not leak if you have an older car where it can get the brakes to fail. In newer cars, we have a reserve line for brake fluid to the brake works on some wheels. Brake fluid should be replaced every two years.

The parking brake is to keep the car in the place you want it.

The airbag protects the driver and front passenger. One should remember not to sit too close and have the seat belt on, otherwise it could cause serious injury. Remember to unplug it when installing the child seat, it is very dangerous otherwise!
On newer cars, there are also side airbags.
For airbags to inflate requires a crash on the fly 20-30km / h

The main guard protects against neck injuries. The idea is that the head restraint should receive head softly at the crash to motvärka whiplash and whiplash injuries.

Children in the car
Infant seat clamp the panel away from the belt. Car Seat is for children 0-9 months. Do not forget to disconnect the airbag!

Rear-facing car seat is for children ages 7månader-4y. It can be mounted on both rear and front seat but remember that in framstätet should be tilted towards the instrument panel and the airbag is disconnected. In the back seat, a tilt of the passenger seat.

Booster seat / booster seat about 4 years to 135cm length
The booster seat should be used if the seat has no headrests rear.

Environmental safety:
To run environmentally safe, you can choose to buy a green car if you can afford it.
Otherwise, you should think about how to run instead.
Avoid stopping, use engine braking and driving is not idling, driving with even pressure on the gas o hold speed limits, Change up early and drive in the highest gear possible. Use the heater and servicing your car regularly.
Choose a car with a catalytic converter as it clears out 80-95% of the harmful substances in the exhaust.
Do you get the option to choose a car with traction control, it's a wise choice to get their hands on.
Traction control system can significantly certainly detect if the car wires and immediately adjusts the course by one or more wheel brakes, which reduces the risk of accidents greatly.
If you load in the car so it is important o remember to fasten it securely and as far forward and low as possible. Otherwise, it can fly forward at high speed even at milder slowdown.
Before you sit and drive, you should check that the car's lights, steering and brakes. Adjust the seat and mirrors. You should also be sure to keep an eye on the control lights and gauges while driving as they provide important information on driving, the car and all its components.
Be sure to check the brake fluid, battery, engine oil, coolant and washer fluid when refueling.
Select a safe car, folksam have a page where they show statistics and product reviews on cars.
Follow traffic rules.

The cars today are designed with crumple zones (front and rear), ABS, safety belts, airbags and a lot of other features that are for our safety. Every day technology is developing and we get new security features to ensure that we do not fall asleep at the wheel, not driving too close and greening cars. Cars only a few years ago existed in sci-fi movies has become or is becoming a reality for us, such as the environmentally safe car AirPod * One that hopefully will be sold to individuals soon.

Driving training has become more difficult than before, but much of it will help us to protect ourselves and our fellow riders in traffic. Without this knowledge we get, we would be dangerous in traffic with a car.
Much of the traffic is also safer when you learn from people's mistakes, that is an area particularly unfortunate as watching how you can change it with eg through legislative changes.
The requirements for cars become harder every year.

Something that would be safe is if it introduced air transport system that ensures that planes do not collide. Create a GPS-like system that ensures that speed limits are followed, where all the cars are, interacting in such as intersections on who may run in, preventing crashes and controls the driving style in a way where the car consumes minimal fuel and an environmentally safe manner.
But to rely entirely on a computerized system can also be dangerous, the system should be able to go on and off.

The whole car could have a big krockkudds system, so that it blows up into a big balloon in crash with foam that is triggered inside the car to protect the balloon's passengers.

Much of the security also depends on your experience and surroundings, such as reaction distance and braking distance. Do you document prepared so you can prevent or reduce accidents.

Sebastian Piliman

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