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Topic: Sports
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Take it easy in b "rjan
How to "nv" following the tr "na s † 's important that you take it easy ib" rjan,
and "bathtub floor" management by hand. Otherwise you risk the muscles and ligaments
becomes "veranstr" NDGA, with tr "ningsv" rk or damage f "LJD.

Cardio tr "ing and styrketr" ing

By cardio tr "up" tanks man body f "rm † ability to perform" a ra l "ngre
work. Man tr "when hj" RTA and lungs. The body f "rm † ga to take up oxygen
"Tanks. If you want to "ka fitness should v" LJA a branch that's "tter s † m † nga of
body's muscles to work, such as swimming or skiing † TING.
At styrketr "up the muscles work with the s † † large mostst nd m" jligt.
D † 's the b "st to users' nda n † goth gear type Skivst † ng or dumbbells.
The g † † is also good to tr 's with your own body as weight, such armh "floors,
kn "b" jningar and b † llyftningar. Styrketr "ing" is important f "r the abdomen and
dorsal muscles.

Damage to muscles †

If a muscle Tee "tts f" is a very strong p † can withstand stress tr † where the
g † s "commitment and d † can be a bl" dning muscle.
N "is a muscle stays in a contracted l" give it called "cramp".
"Ryggv" rk ". N "is the back muscles can not be bothered h † ll back up properly
f † r to l "tt v" ork on sitting or st † rl "nge. You can d † tr "reach
muscles by swimming tex.
"Lumbago". Often depends on † rupture or spasm in † gon muscle or
a muskelf "ste. The cause "is often heavy lifting with the wrong technique and not
n † got wrong in the skeleton ¨
If you lift r "tt" r risk f "r † s injury not great. See p † powerlifters
how the h † ller back and kn "na n" r they lift

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