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Subject: English , Geography
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Tunisia is a country in the North Africa. The Country
Border to Algeria, to the west, and Libya, to the
southeast. And should ring the Mediterranean Sea
The population in Tunisia is ten million, Tunisia ice
RANKED on the 80th place in the world's population. The president of Tunisia ice 'Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. " He
was born September 3 1936 in France. He havebeen President
since November 7, 1987, he havebeen president in 19
When Zine was young, he was in the military France.
The people in Tunisia like him, The Last Voting he get 95% of
The votes!

Short facts

Climate: Temperate in north with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers; desert in south.

Age structure: 25, 3% is between 0-14 years old.
68, 1% is between 15-64 years old.
6, 6 & Ice 65 years and older.

Smoke Muslim 98%, 1% Christian, Jewish and Other 1%.

National Day: 20 March, Because Tunisia independence from France That Day, in 1956.

Airport: 7, Tunisia's Head Airport ice "Tunis Carthage International Airport"
Tunisia is very good at many sports, most handball. The country had the World Championship 2005 in handball. It was a very good tournament and Tunisia cameraman on the third place!
They are overpriced good at football

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