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Tupac Shakur

Subject: Biographies
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Tupac's DEATH ... For you to find out the story that most people have heard and believe, so will this one. This is not how it happened for real, but which is said to be the "normal" history ... Friday, 13. 2 Pac and label head of Death Row, Suge Knight, is out partying. 2 Pac who otherwise always wore a pistol stuffed down the pants ... and the vest, took this evening not with it. When his wife Kidada Jones (21 years) in their luxury hotel suite developed protective vest, laughing just 2 Pac and says "Here in Las Vegas like even the crips me!" And put it away. 2 Pac and record label boss Suge Knight struck down at the hotel lobby, Kidada (his wife) stays at the hotel. She does not like to watch boxing. Because that is exactly what Pac and Suge do. Pac and Suge is as reported to have sat managing their two locations they booked. Mike Tyson their favorite will box against Bruce Seldon. Match time only last 109 seconds until it gets Knock Out. Mike Tyson is the evening's great winner! Happy excited screaming and goes Pac and Suge out of the boxing arena, sucked out to BMW. On the way, they see the man hanging in the hotel lobby and talking on their mobile phones. 2 Pac immediately jumps on him, which was "Orlando Anderson". Suge also helps with the beating. Hotels camera filming everything. Orlando makes no complaint against 2 Pac, but just go from there. Meanwhile, Pac and Suge on the way to sucked luxury villa where the party should be held to Pac because he had just been released from prison. As they drove down East Flamingo Road will suddenly a white Cadillac driving on up alongside and fire Treton (13) shots. Pac hit by four, in the chest and "abdomen." Suge shouts at his friend, "You need to a hospital!" He makes a sharp turn in the stressful state of shock. But Suge is too shocked and scared that he did not find the hospital. After a while the police after the picture. Judgment signal to Suge stopping. With your hands behind your head Suge steps out and says that his buddy is bleeding in the car. After 15 minutes, an ambulance and retrieves Pac. The last word Pac said before he died was when he las into the ambulance. "Help I die!" Bloody Tupac was in the ambulance. - Where did the war between East and West, and so also his life ...
So reads the "real" story of his death. The story that most people believe in ... But the truth is that this story is not true, that's not how it happened ... Tupac was never bloody in the car, he never said, "Help I die!" ... For it was not Tupac sitting the car with Suge, it was just fake ... Tupac is not dead, he's alive and revealed it in their "last" interview ... But no one understood, for even now ... Exclusively in a "book" (theory book 2)
revealed the true story of how Pac faked his death. All truth told with Pac's own words. So let's put the puzzle pieces in the right place. Here is the true story, how it igentigen went to!
The true story ...

There are two different parts of the truth. One of the various clues they found afterwards, and one with Tupac's own clues and evidence which he gave to us in all his songs and movies. Let's start with the clues and evidence we found.
Tupac was not just a rapper and movie star, but also a very talented poet and poem printers. In one of his poems, "Two Life In One" (Two lives in one), he writes: "I live one real life, but how will it be to live two life? Maybe I'll try it! "It's just one of the hundreds of signs that he planned to fake his death. Here are 30 of them signs all suggest that Pac is alive and not dead:
1. 2 Pac died on Friday the 13th ...
2.Read Vegas is a city with a lot of bribes, that means that anyone can have betrayed 2pac; doctors, lawyers, journalists, and more ...
3.The white Cadillac with the bombers were never found. How can this happen when Vegas is in the middle of the desert?
4.There is a small black community on the northern side of Vegas, this small community is only 8 blocks long, the bombers were Black, where did they go? Where they hid?
5.The white Cadillac with the bombers passed an entire entourage of 2Pac's boys, many of them bodyguards, no one takes up the hunt for them and there are no witnesses ... There were also no witnesses on the street, how can that be? Why not, especially for a heavyweight fight in boxing?
6.Namnet 2pac switched to before the last album was Makaveli .. Makaveli, was an Italian war strategist who was an advocate of faking his own death to fool the enemy ... 2pac was very intrigued by Makaveli and had read his books several times, maybe he took Makavelis advice?
7.Makaveli wrote two books before he "died" ... Look at what 2pac call the CDs in the double-CD All Eyez On Me ........ just that ... Book 1 and Book 2
8.On cover of 2Pac's latest album, the 7 day theory, is an 2pac depicting Jesus on the cross ... all point towards Pac planning a resurrection!
9.Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, why did not take a helicopter up the hunt for the bombers? If a casino had been robbed as the robbers had quickly acquired helicopters behind her .. Why was not the case at 2pac's shooting incident? 10.2pac was cremated the day after the murder. Then when you become cremated the day after a murder?
11.Som you read above is 2pac cremated, it means no one can ask for his grave to be opened as they did with Elvis and Abraham Lincoln.
12.Las Vegas is a relatively large extent a mafia town, nobody gets shot at the strip. You will practically have permission to something like this is to happen ... Who was it who gave the order this time?
13:12 Shots fired at 2pac's car, Suge was not hit by anything while 2pac got lots of bullets in him. Suge was just snuddad by a bullet.
14.Suge said he drove 2Pac to the hospital and they had a conversation. How serious a hit was 2pac? Plus that there is disagreement about the claim that Quincy Jones'dotter was in the back seat, at first, she was there, but then not ... How was it really for that??
15. 2 Pac had 2 movies and 3 LP's that were unreleased when he was shot. With so many people upset about 2Pac's death, literally anything connected to him involves large sums of money ...
16. 2pac's video for the song "I Is not Mad At Cha" foresaw his death ....
17. 2Pac always wore bulletproof vest, for some strange reason he did not have it this evening .... Why not?
18. Memorial service that was open to the public were canceled in both Los Angeles and Atlanta ...
19. In 2pac's song "Life Goes On" from the album "All Eyez On Me" sang 2pac that he wanted "every rapper" would rap at his funeral .... why superiors did not Death Row that?
20. In an interview with Tupac in 1994, he said before he went to prison that if he ever was in prison, he would get worse when he came out than he was before. There he became. He also said that when he came out it would be like to be reborn, it was literally? He has already "died" and when he got out of prison, he was worse than before. To that you can add that he changed his rap name from 2Pac to Makaveli, that could count as a rebirth, all that is missing is a physical rebirth. So far, he then completed more than half of this prophecy.
21.Suge Knight and 2Pac are the only two people in the music industry who have plastic enough courage to try to carry out an operation of this kind.
22. On 2pac's album, which is released under the name Makaveli, album The 7day Theory states that only "SIMON" as a producer. It was the apostle who helped Jesus carry the cross and one of the first people to witness Jesus's resurrection. Could it be that Suge is SIMON?
23.Texter to Makaveli album compelling themes of death and resurrection. For example, on track 5, "Blasphemy," he says, "Dudes were shot and came back återuppstådda". An example, on track 9 "White Man's World," he says, "My life here was just perfect, do you think I died?"
24. People who are close to Death Row itself has speculated that the shooting incident would be staged.
25. Why has not a company as large and powerful as Death Row Records offered a sum of money to the person who finds the killers?
26. Other interesting facts are included on the last disc. The album is called "The Don Killuminati: The 7day Theory" which is still a mystery what it stands for. (** My own theory is that it has with Nummerologin at paragraph 28 that do. **) On the inside of the case reads: "Exit: 2pac Enter: Makaveli" Just as if 2pac has died and Makaveli was born
27. Why have Suge Knight and the rest of the staff have been so reluctant to cooperate with police in attempt to solve the murder?
28. There are many numbers illogical coincidences: - Tupac was shot exactly seven months after All Eyez On Me was released. The number seven keeps coming up: - He was shot on September 7. - He survived the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and died on the thirteenth. This may explain "The 7day Theory." - His age (25) gets together 7 (2:05 a.m.). - He was pronounced dead at. 4:03, what will 4 0 3? That's right ... There will be 7! - In his video for "I Is not Mad At Cha" he goes in to his hotel room. The number on the door is No. 7 ... The alarm clock in the video shows the same time as when he declared "dead," 4:03! - The video for "Life Goes On" Pac crushes a mirror with a wooden baseball, what happens if one breaks a mirror? Right 7 (!) Years of bad luck!
- In his movie Gridlock'd visiting Pac and police colleague, a bar, suddenly starts Pac and the man behind the counter laughing. While filming the camera menu board, and then Tupac ... like it wants to show what they laugh at. And check it on the menu board so all L inverted so they become 7's ...! - In the song "Hail Mary" you can hear church bells beat, and of course is 7 seconds between each stroke! - On the part of the song you can hear even Tupac sing "Godbye Death Row (record label he was on) Godbye to all of you ho are down with me, wait and you will see me ... SEVEN years ..." Come on, it goes without itself! - Pac sings in several of his songs that he dies and comes back in 2003. From the years when he was "shot" (1996) to 2003, it is exactly 7 years apart! It also explains why he sings SEVEN years everywhere. - Pac had 7 different jewelry on when he was "shot"!
29. 2 Pac's best friend rapper Snoop Dog has said that in 2004 he will have a big concert in the U.S. and then he should take me himself something that will shock the world ... Could it be 2 Pac?
30. On the new "Bone Thugs" (Bone Thugs is an RnB Hip Hop and Soul band, who sing with Snoop and Pac even sooner), one of them says: "3 minus 1 Pac Pac (2 Pac) will return in da 2 Double o add 3 fo so! "Come on, it also says it itself! 2 Pac will come back in 2003! There you have all
30 different characters who have very big proof that the King of Hip Hop 2pac really alive. But there are those who heard all this and much more, but still not at all believe that he is alive. "The thing that will make me start to think he faked his death and that he's alive, it's just Pac that can convince me. I must hear the evidence from him! "So said a girl when Mtv did a survey on the town in the USA. And believe it or not, Tupac has told us the truth, it's just that we have become aware of it afterwards.

TUPAC tells the truth ...

Now it's time. Time for the most exclusive and DIFFICULT MOST ACCESSIBLE citations and texts with his own characters! Let's begin: In one of Pac's songs sing-talking he follows: "I'm certified crazy, so sick the world made me. Now Biggie died. Everytime I ride it's for Reasons. Hard to kill a nigga cuz I'm coming back like Jesus, "This is probably the most amazing song I've heard. The spike clear to all that he says that Biggie died. (Biggie is another rapper from Bad Boy Records, the East Side, who also was shot after Tupac was "shot."). But Biggie died in 1997 after Tupac's "death". He also says that he will come back as Jesus ... As if that were not enough, here you get a little bit more to get the eye of: "It's 1997 and I'm still getting paid." He "died" the 1996 how can he say this in 1997? "Payoff the block, evade the cops cause I know they're coming for me. I've been hesitant to reappear, been away for years, now I'm back, my adversaries been reduced to tears, question my methods? "It's just the way it is right now, he's been gone for several years, but will come back in two. But these lines from one of his songs says welling all: "I'm makin 'money, moves mandatory, end of discussion, my past records tell the story, picture niggas be rushin' ..." he sings blah if he earns mass money in this, his songs and lyrics tell the story. Everything you read on this page and the next, then! In one of Pac's poems been found, the following lines: "while people wondering who shot me, load up, keep a grudge, shootin 'slugs like Mummar Khadafi" He knew that people would wonder who shot him, but that we should not worry us he is alive ...!
A rather interesting thing is that over 550 people are said to have seen Pac in Jamaica. It was on a radio show, it rang out over 550 people, and all they had convincingly seen Tupac on the island. And 550 people just can not see wrong, right? Whatever one thinks himself so true that if you listen to one of Pac's songs "White mens world": "bustin 'caps at Jay-Z, and still avoidin' capture. While yall caught up in the rapture Still after me, I'm in Jamaica sippin 'Dakarey, no doubt "If you do not already understand what he means by these words, I can tell that he sings about that ... while we wonder where he are and are very worried about him, he is in Jamaica where no one can find him! Keep agree that that is exactly what has happened, he's gone ("dead") but we wonder where he igentligen is, while it is revealed that over 550 people have seen him in, you guessed it, Jamaica! Now the pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place, although there are a few pieces left ... "Running from the police til They capture me, and my AIM is to spread more smiles then tears." When Pac sings that he will spread more smiles than tears, he believes that his faked death shed many tears, but when he comes back spread more smiles. Like when rain changing to sunshine ... Tupac gave us all the time bunch of signs that he planned to fake his own death, but it is not until afterwards we discovered all these hundreds of characters. A very clear indication he has given us in a song is "Look and see. I see him. I'm alive! "Speaks he once again tell us that he is alive?! Or maybe you understand this bit better ... "so if I die do the same for me, shed no tears. An Outlaw, thug livin 'in this game for years. Why worry? "Tupac has already" died "in Las Vegas, but he does not want us to cry, because he will come back. He'll be in this business for years, so do not worry. Maybe I have now persuaded you not thought of this if he is alive, I hope so ... "Fuck em 'all, let em' understand my plot to get richer, much more than 6 figures ..." - I with many trying Pac. The following lines are from "Ghetto War", and for those who do not believe he's alive. He knew that he needed to give us many signs that he is alive. Because he knew that there would be those who do not believe he is alive, (just as it is now), he needed more than "six figures for a political party." It would not go with him alive, but now with him " death, "he people who otherwise would not buy his album to do so. Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money! Yes that is exactly what Pac loved, love music and money. Pac had many ideas to earn more money (he also donated money to the black poor families), this was one of them. "Tell me, will my enemies flee When They see me. 'If you were Puffy (Puff Daddy) What would you do if Tupac returned? "Niggas, They do not wanna see me rise, NINETY-SEVEN, watch me cut These muthafuckas down to size." What enemy died in 1997? That's right, Biggie Smalls. Now the Bad Boy Records biggest star gone. Tupac was a great leader in Hip Hop (and still is). Everyone wanted a piece of him, as young adults. He also served as a family for those who had none. When Hip Hop Vibe magazine interviewed him 96 he said, among others: "See the weak Shall inherit the Earth and the strong Shall Lead." Is Makaveli (Tupac) the strong leader who will lead and help the weak in 2003? He also said that he will die before his enemies have time to kill him. And that's exactly what he did, he "died" before he catch him, interesting right?! However hellst, Tupac has given us even more character and answers to what really happened, it's just that we have to believe in it. Faith is the key to everything ...


As you could read above 'r image from the autopsy a big scam. The image has multiple errors in the proof that it is not real blah Pac who is in the picture and that the only scam. Here are some of them: The guy in the picture is not Tupac, but a look a like. Firstly, it was reported that Tupac's necklace he has on autopsy picture was stolen the day BEFORE he was "shot", that he can not have it themselves suddenly. Secondly, it takes ALWAYS pathologist engines remove all jewelry and rings because it is only in the way. Tupac tattoo (see previous page) with the text "Makaveli" not visible to the picture. Where could it have gone?! The tattoos on the upper arm? Well there are very skilled Hollywood makeup dancers that can easily paint the exact tattoos. The picture is black and white and he lies with his head to the side, so you can not really see if it really is Pac. Have you seen the same photo but with color? There is a logical explanation ... - There is judgment on the internet that have put on colors on the photo, so it'll look more believable out. They have pink up a large part of the neck down to his chest. Firstly, it is not the first thing that you see white bones, even bones are stained by the blood. If you look more carefully at the picture next to his head, you see that it's not dropping a single drop of blood on the autopsy table. At autopsy, wipe it not the blood from the dead because it has to be examined by various tests. Tupac had at the time a lot of beard, as you can see there is no beard on autopsy picture ... His body was cremated the same day he "died", then when cremate one body on the same day he or she dies? The hospital staff went out with the fans and the press could not get in and visit Pac because he was in a coma. The same day says one of the hospital that Pac is awake and fearing for his life ... how can he lie awake and fearing for his life when he's in a coma?! That said cremated "his" body, therefore no one can ask that his tomb is not to be opened and thus prove that his body lies there and then see that he is really dead. Although it is a smart looking for Pac to sweep away all traces, so no riktigit can prove that he is dead.


"Exit: 2pac Enter: Makaveli" Just as it says in the booklet from 2pacs Cd "Makaveli" "The Don Killuminati: The 7day Theory." Just as if 2pac has died and Makaveli was born. And that's probably exactly what happened, Makaveli is now born. The name changed to 2pac Makaveli for the final album. There is an incredibly revealing the album. There are so few that come to it, it is almost unknown. But now I can reveal the big secret: It's Makaveli album the big secret is. The album is called: "Makaveli" "The Don Killuminati The 7day Theory." Now for the amazing secret ..: If you change the bit among the letters will show you something completely different. Something that really PROVE that he is alive. You get it namely to: "Ok on tha 7th u think I'm dead yet I'm really alive." 7th is the 7 days after he was "shot", he declared dead but he really is quite alive! TOTALLY AWESOME, right?! Check it out if you have the album to say. But that's not the only mystery of Makaveli "thing." 1997 released the album "Are U Still Down? [Remember Me]. " As the name 2pac back (not Makaveli album before that was called). Does it mean that 2pac is back? Then there is the name of the disc which also attracted some attention. The album is called As I said, "Are U Still Down? [Remember Me]. And Hip Hop word are u down means "are you with me, dig me? '.
Have Pac released the album in order to know if you still dig and remember and him? The album also has a song called "Remember Me?" In which he sings: "They say im dead, but are u still remember me? Some people can not see the truth, I'm really alive! "Admit it now! It goes swell a lot right? In the song "I Is not Mad At Cha", he sings "They ask me if i still dead, And they ask me if i still down, that's for sure i will never let you down! But why all this shit into questions if im still dead, u know the truth! "He sings the practically that He lives, and he does not understand all these issues if he is dead, for it is not he! Back to the album released under the name Makaveli again ... On the album, it just "SIMON" as producer, Simon was the apostle who helped Jesus carry the cross and one of the first people to witness Jesus's resurrection. Is Suge Knight (2pacs buddies and record company boss and producer) who is "SIMON"? On his album "All eyez on me" is still a pretty big sign ... In the song "Heartz Of Men" (Track 8 on CD 1) you can hear him sing (exactly 3 minutes and 12 seconds into the song) "I Died and Come Back! "It also says they itself, this is incredible!

You may wonder who that Makaveli is? Nicolò Machiavelli called the "real one" "Makaveli". Tupac was very inspererad of Machiavelli, so after a while began Pac besides 2pac even call themselves "Makaveli". Spelled: Makaveli. The real Makaveli spelled: Machiavelli. But who was he anyway? Nicolo Machiavelli, born May 3, 1469, Death 22 June 1527. He was an Italian politician and writer. He was born in Florence, was an early secretary of the city's management of foreign affairs, received several diplomatic missions, thus came into contact with the future political life and got to know its leading figures, including Cesare Borgia. In 1512 he was forced to leave the policy as the medic eventually took power in Florence. In 1513 he wrote his most famous work, Il principe (The Prince, published first in 1532) where he put the reasons of state requirements before moral commandments to guide a prince's actions. Only a prince who ruthlessly seized power and exercised it in his own and the state's interest could implement Italian unification and liberation. The book inspired many of Renaissance masters, including Kristian another, and Erik XIV, and has been instrumental in political science. Other significant works of Machiavelli's Meditations on Livy first decade (1513-1519), where he develops his view of the prince in general. The Art of war (1520), he advocates conscription army. He has also written purely historical and literary works, including the yet played the comedy La Mandragola (ca. 1515). Machiavellismen, the doctrine that a prince or dictator in the state's interest can and should use all means, including deceit, cunning and violence, without regard to the individuals current moral standards. What was Makaveli Records? Makaveli Records was the record label that Tupac founded and planned to make big when his contract with Death Row Records was fulfilled what happens now with Makaveli Records? These are only assumptions, but probably so went to the company's estate rather than Death Row, so his estate has control over it. Tupac's contract with Death Row was completed so they now have no control over anything concerning Tupac including this record. Since Outlaw Immortalz not on Death Row and would release disc on Makaveli Records will presumably their new album to be on the Makaveli exactly as it was intended. The upcoming album "One Nation," will probably be released on Makaveli Records Villka is Outlaw Immortalz? They were Tupac's crew and team. They were on the All Eyez On Me and Makaveli album. The group went by the names of världsdiktatorer. They were: Hussein Fatal-(Duane Hitchings) Castro Napoleon Mussolini (Big Syke) Khomeini Kadafi-(Yafeu Ugly) EDI Mean-(Malcolm Greenridge) Young Noble Kadafi was the Immortal who was murdered in New Jersey in November. He was the only person who agreed to identify Tupac's "killer."

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10 Responses to "Tupac Shakur"

  1. tobias on June 21, 2008 at 1:37 pm #

    first thought yes tupac huh death but yes when they read this think yes he is alive!

  2. kb on February 8, 2009 at 5:37 am #

    2003 was a good long time ago and he has not shown up yet

  3. Hrvat on July 16, 2009 at 4:13 pm #

    Ööö lixom, he e DEAD! REALIZE! First, it's that he's necklace on the autopsy table, and they may not have. One should also not wash away the blood they stand. Hell, yeah you get! There are fan their profession, they showers of the bodies and gather up any. chemicals etc which is located on the body.

    Return to the necklace, if you look at the "fake pictures" so he still has no necklace.
    What is the problem? JO, the e småunge someone suffering from lack of attention and writes something like that then spreads further herself to other kids .. The hurricane count to 7 etc into all the songs? Vemfan cares really?

    "It's 1997 and I'm still getting paid." He "died" the 1996 how can he say this in 1997?

    Clearly one expects to see live long if you are young. It's only a year later he sings about.
    Should one compare Ex Metallica singing about Sweden to take EM Gold etc, it happens, in reality, never. He sings about the future just like 2Pac. Sure, Metallica's not as big as 2 Pac was. But I mean that you can sing about the future.

    He said "1997" in 1996, he do not play into it in a day, the song would probably go on sale elr given out in 97 '.

    Now Dehar nonsense enough! Can come with a hell of a lot more!
    Not saying his music is bad or anything, like the music itself really much, and it's a shame that he IS DEAD.

    Thank you and goodbye! -. - '

  4. jazz on September 4, 2009 at 2:42 am #

    many of the texts are from when he was shot the first time and made it, then it can oxå be that he felt there was a great risk of being shot again and die because he might always put hint's for us to sit and speculate more than 10 years later, he succeeded. plus such a famous person can not stay away without being seen so far ..
    but they clearly hoped that he will come back hahah!

  5. tupac on December 1st, 2009 at 8:01 pm #

    hahahahha what happened to him to come back in 2003?

  6. rtusu on January 11, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    face facts, he's still alive. is ample evidence in youtube but I do not believe is that we can know when he kmr back. I think this has something to illuminatin and satanists to do (if you do not know what that is then check on youtube)
    it is the whole explanation, no how elvis, bob marley, MJ and they were dead. Satanists course that forced the celebrities to join, asläskigt.

  7. Tupac Shakur on November 29, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    Tupac liver

  8. 2Pac Still 'Alive on April 19, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    For those of you who have not noticed anything, but it came a mysterious rapper signed to Epitaph Records 2 years ago, he had no name, and he does not sing concerts, he-record music, and his songs are sold only for the black world, "his people "

    in a text in one of the songs that this mysterious man sings

    "Im tryin 'to get that' food o holy, I'm comin 'back for ma niggas,
    It's hard to beleive it, but Im back after thirteen years, it's like weed goin to fast to just gettin 'high I know I have lied, but ma friends ended up in jail, so Im tryin to gettin low, here in the land of blacks, oh Welcome oh ma bitch, I'm being rude, just to make you knowthat Im back, yeah it's me the number 2, Oh and Im comin back for you ma 'niggas, I will be down
    Im like jesus on the cross, I died now Im alive
    but whatever it's like playing pac man, it's same old shit, just like me hou That niggas! "

    it's not all ... because the rest is hidden by Epitaph Records why I do not know?

    and the source where the text was gone, but I saved the text since then to use as proof that he is alive

    it says in the text, O Holy "surely Jesus or God," "I'm comin 'back for ma niggas"
    he has now done safely, because the text release was through a black part of the Epitaph is now mörkad.

    "But Im back after thirteen years, it's like weed goin to fast to just gettin 'high I know I have lied"

    It took him six years to come back, why? jo 2003 +3 = 2006 +3 = 2009 do you see the difference?
    It is 2003 +3 = 2006 2006 +3 = 2009, he has been waiting a long time for this and this is certainly a message in any way, I can not decipher three hands and 6an. but if anyone bothered to look at his old lyrics, so look up 6 and 3rd hands note 7 and 3 are both odd numbers and 7 +7 = 14 and 3 +3 = 6 6 +6 = 12 and 12 + 2Pac = 14 then Here we have another secret code to find out ..

    I work on this topic when I have time, available on xnipet26@gmail.com
    if you need help.

  9. Jossan on July 25, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    I actually think he's alive, or I'm not really sure. I really want to believe that he is alive, and hope he has it really fucking good which he now is. and these secret diplsays available on youtube, from one of his songs when they flush it backwards and he says "yes I'm alive me missing you" or something like that, it really makes you think. I do not know what to believe.

  10. lol on April 3, 2012 at 2:26 am #

    2003 was 8 years ago, eight years too late in that case, what do you have to say about it?
    The murder took place for so many many years ago, to trust what people who were there are just unreasonable. Rap is about emotion and lots of other things, no hidden message, you can find 1,000 different things that relate to his life that have the digit 7 to do, just like you can do with the number 1, no difference, you just choose to ignore it and pushing up the other.

    Becomes annoyed that people do not accept that he is dead, all the text goes back to believing that he is alive, he'll have his concert in 2003. I have not seen a concert? Someone to answer it? And some have written above, I thought he was dead before but now I think he's alive? people are so gullible and illogical nowadays that they can change such a big opinion of a text on skolarbete.nu by someone in high school who might have their teenage wannabe rap period and must convince the world that 2 pac lives by driving forward OWN characters that revolve around his life. Worthwhile to fake his own death if he never "resurrected". Plus, since when is it unusual to cremate his body the day after you die?

    You mean absolutely no offense to the person who wrote the text, absolutely not, but I'll just present my opinion just like you and I think people should see it from different perspectives before they make decisions.

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