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Unarranged marriage

Subject: English , Reviews
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Story line of this book take place in England and India and it's about a Punjabi family That Their son wants to pray like a real Punjabi boy and less like a white boy. They hate the fact That he goes to school, his friends well everythingthat he does. He does a lot of things behind his parents back, smokes, skips classes, Has a black friend and the last but not the least HE Has a girlfriend who's from England. To Punjabis it's forbidden to'll have a girl if you're not married to her, even worse if she's white. The main characters name is Manjit but his friends call him Manny. And his dad beats him all the time, for every little thing That Manny does he gets a smack or hit with a stick by his dad. His dad is overpriced always drunk, his biggest wish is for Manjit to Be like his brothers who got married at the age of 17. Well Manjit will never agree to it and the only way to change Manjits mind is to take him to India so he Can Learn how to ask a real Punjabi. At first he is against it but HE AGREES When his sister in law Jaz promises him That They will not leave him back there. So HE FOLLOWS them and at first he hates it but after a few weeks he got distressed to everything and really enjoyed himself Until That Day That They left him. It was after being there for six weeks When The family Told Them That They were going to see if They Can Get Their Passports back since they've been "stolen" and Manjit being the fool That he was he believed them. So the same day he went on a little trip with his uncle and his son, the day That They Came home he found out What They did. He got so heartbroken That It's Hard to describe. Not too long he meets his uncle I that was an outcast Because he was not either the "good" Panjabi Boy That All his brothers were. He was Different Just Like Manjit; he lived outside the India, worked a lot and was not married to a Panjabi girl. He found out what They had donated to Manny and did everythingthat he Could to help him out of there, and so he did. When Manjit finally came back to England, The First he got from his dad was a lot of punches and so on. Manjit stayed closed in his room for two months Until HE AGREES to marry that girl That his father wanted him to marry. The only reason he Agreed to do this was just SO HE Could escape so his family would regret everythingthat they've done to him. It was Their punishment for making him suffer for Such a longtime. And who was helping him planning all this? His best friend Ady of course and his old girlfriend Lisa and her parents. The day of his 17th birthday but overpriced the wedding day, Manjit got up and was ready to get married, well escape. They all got In Their cars and started to drive to Their destination. When They arrived Manjit CLAIMED That he needed to go to the bathroom and That's When he Took His chance too escape. The Thing That the author did a good job while he was writing this book, he knows how to catch his readers, knows how to make them feel like They are in the same condition as He is.

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