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Strange dreams

Subject: Psychology
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The Russian Ballet dancer Erna who happened to be manic-depressive, male hippos sang on "Now it's back" while they danced printers with a compulsive eating alligator with toothache. When one sees such things, is not healthy, it noted Arnes expert doctor after he told this sight for those with deep earnestness in his voice. Arne was now freed from the doctors and lay in his bed while his lice nested in his left kneecap. His brain was vibrating like a fishing rod in the big storm and his gag reflexes tickled repeatedly of fish bone that he choked during the sumptuous dinner.
His dear mother entered the room and strapped him to the bed before she gave him a sedative. Soon it flew Sandman over his eyes and sprinkled magic sleeping powder in them and he slept like a log that falls off a truck during rush hour.
He felt like Alice in Wonderland, but without the dress and braids, he fell through a bottomless pit and shook like a man possessed. Around him floated elephant itchy bus drivers and psykdomnande pomegranates. A pink striped cobra with yellow blurred spots clung to his body and coiled around his neck. His spirit disappeared and the air seeped out of him. The bottomless hole found its end and the left-handed balls devils with gastritis and pneumonia intoxicated him Orderly on the ocean floor. Sharp and angular clownfish rolled past the triangular treadmill while religious warthog with eye injuries button led to the effervescent tablets with mint flavor. The whole environment was foiled and exploded with small margins before end of the world.
A new tunnel began and kvasimultionella hängbukssvin galloped proudly presented with some burnt horse sausages in the skinnbestykadde leather sheaths. The sand whirled around their heads and crunched splendidly, almost inaudibly with a little psychedelic pirouette at the end. Rifle juggling mask bosses who ruled the vast business empire and sold canned cold sweat with great longing for doomsday galactic rampage.
Jumping up with neck and back pain shots came the little mites influenced valväljarna bravely until pedant the great chagrin. But these things seemed ridiculously insignificant when King Baraccuda crashed his new keyboard with a naughty brick wall at level 12, fotvärmande sakletare dug hefty gropmynningar through giant cathedrals of plastic wrap. The hair on a dog back burned like butter in an anthill and dung beetles sniffed glue with cockroaches bodyguards in the men's room. Fuming gigarettstumpar fingered glad sand fleas with rabies while the revolver bearing coffee viruses strutting in with legs. Several rings appeared on the shiny surface and the ambient existence was being questioned in front of a jury of chain-smoking telephone changer with itching. A howling sound penetrated deeper through his consciousness and hondjävularnas president drank wine with the Prime Minister of England. Everything culminated and came to a head when an army of crows loving vultures boarded reality that did not exist and sharpened their beaks on tigers together. Then they started naturist genomic old Smurfs to levitate while they sang the Albanian national anthem backwards without vowels. And the rattlesnake, the biggest Casanova wallowed in cheap booze with caviar evidence as he foiled the existence of existence in a rökformad balloon of hardboard.
And then woke Arne up to a new day filled with renewed strength from their completely healthy dreams.

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