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Topic: Geography
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First Who were America's indigenous people?
Answer: The Indians

2nd In the different colonies fed it differently, why?
Answer: Because they lived under different circumstances. In some places where, for example, not the earth usable, so when you went fishing and found the food at several other places.

3rd Once declared America's first 13 colonies independent?
Answer: On July 4, 1776

4th Who was the first U.S. President?
Answer: George Washington

Physical Geography

The eastern parts: Out with the coast are very mountains and fjords. Temperate pine forests spreading on sandy soil and swamps in some areas. A bit more inland are great plains and mountain systems as the Arcade Kingdom.
Large well-developed agricultural areas with corn, tobacco, cotton, peanuts, fruit and vegetables, covering large parts of East and dissipated by the large, forested mountain ridges.

The western parts: Here we have the high, long mountain ranges and the few active volcanoes in the country. Between the corrugations, created by earthquakes from the Pacific plate, the millennium, large plateaus spreads out over large areas and in the South East is a desert, feared by many, called Death Valley, 84 meters below sea level.

The internal parts: Almost the entire center of the U.S. is covered by an almost infinite prairie, striped top of the many tributaries of the Mississippi, which also runs along the eastern prairie. The temperature of the Prairie varies but it is usually dry because there is raining very few times a year.

Moreover, there is no other country that is so different in climate and temperature in the United States. You can almost find their own personal weather in just one day! The differences are rooted in the polar winds blowing down across Canada and in towards the inner parts of the United States, the warm currents of the Gulf of Mexico and the highlands and mountains that block certain supply of moisture from the oceans, leaving the field behind him dry and mostly hot.

Mississippi trip

I begin my journey in a small boat at Itascasjön in northern Minnesota, where the river has its mouth. The water moves fast and I reach after a while a pond as I passed through, but I can not long until the next dam is approaching and we get whisked past also when additional dust emerges thinks "* sigh * when will they end?" Dedar feelings will probably not disappear, but rather strengthened along the way, because I have to travel through the 27 st ponds before I even had time to bypass the city of Saint Louis, but the view around the river distracts me enough that it will not be boring.
It extends along the sides of hills and many of them are beautiful and less beautiful cities. I see nothing beautiful in big cities - they just destroy what you really would have seen if they do not get there, but it's impressive to pass under the great bridges that connect the various towns on either side of the river.
After Saint Lous taking dams out - just quietly gliding over the water. I come up with some water embankments where people will cross the river on barges.
The forest becomes more tätväxt and thick roots find their way into the water along the edges.
After about 90 days the river begins bide curves and I go past several tributaries. The water is murky with dirt and pollution now and the river flows into their own deposits. I do not want to run out into the Gulf of Mexico, so I take and go ashore here in New Orleans.

Mississippi River


First A tariff is a place on the border of a country where you can show off cargo and luggage for guards who must approve the load legally transported and inmates in the country. Sometimes you have to pay a customs duty for the goods they bring into the country, because they do not compete with domestic goods.
Customs duties have been for the country to have control over what is brought into the country and out.
2nd T-ford was the first car in history which was mass produced on assembly lines. It was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, and was constructed in 1908 by a man named Henry Ford.
3rd John Jacob Astor IV - Turbine, Leo Baekeland - photo, Harold P. Brown - electric chair, Malcolm Laughead - hydrofoil, Samuel Morse - telegraph, Morse language, James Naismith - Basketball, Wilbur Wright - designed aircraft.
4th The advantage of the assembly line was that they could produce more goods faster and cheaper. The disadvantage may be the quality of the goods, because the manufacturer only has a certain amount of time to carry out their part of the work and must be fast, and because the goods are so many, you have to push down prices, which do not always end so well ...
5th Depression, started in 1929 in conjunction with the Wall Street crash in New York. The great stock market crash was an economic crisis that began with the Americans let the Europeans borrow money to pay the damages after World War II and the farmers invested more in equities.
U.S. believed that Europe's debt crisis would continue for long and pressed therefore money in mass quantities. This led to the money dropped in value, so when the first war ended, were not peasants sold as much anymore. They tried to keep the budget up by producing more, which meant that they had to lower the prices of their goods. Eventually, farmer after farmer went bankrupt and a long depression followed.
In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt formed a reform program of jobs for the unemployed and it gave good results. He launched a policy, The New Deal, which meant that the state had to intervene more in the economy has people.
6th A multinational company is a company that operates in many countries.
7th Electric power in the United States comes primarily from oil, but also from coal, hydro, nuclear and natural gas.
Eighth In the Southern States, Western States, and the inner parts of the United States, there are large oil reserves.
9th The large forest mills in New England States and the west coast states.
10th Future Industries in the U.S. industry is automobile, electronics, computer, food, textile, engineering and chemistry.
11th Examples of U.S. companies:
- Aerospace: Boeing
- Automotive: General Motors
- Computer Company: Hewlett-Packard
- Restaurant: Kentucky Frie Chicken

12th Silicon Valley is known for its computer industry that created the computer chip.

Transport and urban geography

First 80% of the U.S. population lives in cities.
2nd The reason for this is that agriculture no longer need as much labor as most of the work is taken up by machinery, however, cities need a lot of manpower in several places, so it's easier to make a living if you live in a city.
3rd You build skyscrapers in big cities because they will not spread as much and to save space.
4th The most famous skyscrapers are:
Name: Location: Height (meters):
Empire State Building New York City, 443.2 incl spire and radio tower
Chrysler Building, New York 319
Sears Tower Chicago 445 (524 with masts)
Key Tower Ohio 288.6

City: Population:
New York City (the big apple) 8,214,426
Los Angeles 3,849,378
Chicago 2,833,321
Houston 2144491
Phoenix 1,512,986
Philadelphia 1,448,394
San Antonio 1,296,682
San Diego 1,256,951
Dallas 1,232,940
San Jose 989.496

5th The car is very important for Americans to 80% of those traveling to car

Group 2:

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is 446 km long, 0.4 - 24 km wide and 1.6 km deep furrow in the bedrock of western Arizona. It was the river Colorado who tore up the bedrock when it ran there for centuries so that it penetrated deeper and deeper into the ground, where it is still running, between the red rock walls. Plate tectonics and land increases affect the landscape visibly - The northern part of the Colorado Plateau is 300 meters higher than the south pg. a bumpy uplift. Erosion and earthquakes affect all times width and depth of the canyon.
Grand Canyon was originally a desert landscape eroded by the Colorado River.
It consists of many different rock types. Among those limestone and fossils.
The area in and around the canyon is dry and bare of plants.

River Orbit

People sometimes get the idea that regulate river orbit with dams and dikes mm. With that, they want to win a better and smoother irrigation system for the fields, facilitate and make it passable for river traffic and to get the river flowing in a good path with respect to, among other things. a towns and villages.
Sometimes it rains too much or it otherwise becomes flooding in rivers. When Can they be filled up to the top of the ramparts but built around it and eventually break through them in a big wave. An example is the flooding in Missouri in 1993, when 25 people died and arable land, equal to 4 times Gotland area were destroyed.

Hawaiian Islands

They were formed by recurrent eruptions on the seafloor. The reason that there are several islands in the row are the plates that form the earth's top layer moves all the time and so will the volcano always a new place to "spray up" out.

Niagara Falls

Is three waterfalls with a name. They are located in eastern North America, on the border between the United States and Canada. The flows from Lake Erie which has its inflow from the Niagara River. The cases all have their own name - Horseshoe Falls, which is 54 meters high and the widest of its 920 meters, American cases that are 54 meters high and 325 meters wide and Bridal falls which is 54 meters high and only 17 feet wide.
Every year the waterfalls millions of visitors who come to experience the majestic sight of 2000 cubic meters of water that rushes from 54 meters per second!
Niagara Falls

An American corporations

- Is a fast food company that manufactures and sells burgers and fast food in the restaurant.
- Founded and opened in 1940 by Maurice and Richard McDonald. Eight years later it became famous for its fast service, which was because they cooked the food as löpbandsprincipen. 1954, McDonald's success with his new restaurant in Illinois. 1955 founded McDonald's Systems Inc. And in 1960 they named themselves as McDonald's Corporation.
McDonald's spread throughout the world and in Russia and China was a symbol of status because they were so careful about hygiene and cleanliness.
1990 founded McDonald's Children's Fund, which has the aim to give children suffering from severe diseases, the chance to stay near the hospital for a long time. It also sponsors children's hospital with a playroom.
1995 began with recycling stations where customers can sort the debris left over after eating. Today recycled 90% of McDonald's waste.
In 2003 they got their slogan: I'm lovin 'it.
- McDonald's products are sold in 121 countries. Including the entire North and South America, Europe, Australia, and nearly all of Asia and in some parts of Africa.
- McDonald's has 438 000 employees.
- The training program varies according to the item you have as a worker at McDonald's, but the compulsory training for all employees taking up almost a week and then you get training in safe food & hygiene, local course, First Aid, grills and deep fryers, ice cream and milkshake machine , host and hostess, local course.
- I, personally, is a great McDonald's lover and think the employees are well trained and friendly. I have nothing against assembly line if you just eat it occasionally. Of course I eat at McDonalds about 1 time a month.
There have been a lot of criticism leveled against them, I know and I am aware of why, but I think that those who call themselves victims of their fast food is irresponsible and botched. It is entirely their own fault that they feel unwell or become obese - you WILL not eat McDonald's every day. However, I think that they should not focus so much advertising to children, even if it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that their children will not be manipulated.

The environmental situation in the U.S.

USA is the country with the exception of China, emits the most environmental toxins and pollutants in our air. Americans consider to be lazy and comfortable people do not often think about what they expose the environment when they take the car to places where they can walk or bike.
Over several cities located smog thickens each passing day, and when there is no wind it sinks down into the city and the people that animals can breathe in the toxic air.
This is terrible and ridiculously irresponsible man! And we will be the most intelligent creatures on earth! What have we ever gäldat our earth with?
What have we ever done for good to those who would cover the evil? We take and take without giving back. We make the soil fertile to feed ourselves, we plant trees to get wood for housing and we breed new animal species that are forced to be our possessions to survive.
Would I rule the world I would allow raising the salary of naturalists to triple, increasing the number of gas-powered buses and make public transport better and cheaper.
In extremely affected cities, I would arrange for vehicles with even number at the end of the registration had run every other day and vehicles with odd alternate.
I would ban the breeding of weak species Crested / cat.
I would also order all countries to plant several acres of forest, depending on how much space they have and do not regulate the forests but only cut down trees that grow in abundance.
Soon, I would make it illegal to drive vehicles powered by fossil fuels, too.
Drastic action is actually a must with this - it can even fifteen years I can say with certainty!

McDonald's restaurant

The survey

I, Felicia Gustafsson and Philip Gard have together done a survey on how many 6's and 7's at our school who know what America's Air Force units. Both the U.S. Airforce and Air Force One has been approved as a legitimate response.
Here's how the survey to:
Me and Philip asked 100 students from sixth grade and seventh grade at Getinge school if they knew what America's Air Force units. We totally asked 50 girls and 50 boys. We have compiled the number of incorrect responses (which we also expected if they had not a clue), and the rightful response. Students did not offer the investigation.
Here is the result:

Asked one of the 50 girls knew what the Air Force called. Thus, 2% of the girls.
Eight respondents out of 50 boys answered correctly. Thus, 16% of boys.
A total of nine respondents out of 100 students could answer thus 9% of students in sixth grade and seventh grade.
16% of boys could be the answer - it is eight times more than the girls where only 2% could!
Why is it like that? It has probably been in all times? Boys playing with cars, airplanes and gliders and girls with Barbie dolls and My Little Pony figures. Then there are exceptions, but that is how it generalizes.
I would think that the reason is that parents and the circumstances that the environment influences children to what they choose to play though, and be interested.
Mothers do not buy often a fighter to his 5 - year-old daughter and they do not buy small glittery pink plastic horses and Barbie dolls to their sons what I know.
This is understood in for most of the rest of life and affects what we pick up and remember from news, lessons and surroundings.
Peter Gustafsson

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