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USA - A Great Power

The US has 50 states. Each state has the highest governor a governor and a parliament. They also have rules and schools for their own police force.
The states have the right to pass their own laws and decide pretty much on your own.
There are various laws that how old you must be to get a driving license or buying alcohol. Some states have dödstraf others do not.
But no law may contradict against conducted every policy, foreign policy, currency, postal services and domestic security must be shared by the entire United States.
It meant that no state must suppress their own money or sign any agreement with another state with eg, Sweden.
There is a federal or national police alongside the states' own police forces.

US and world politics

The United States is a country that arouses strong feelings.
Almost everyone has a chance to succeed and have a better life there.
An example for people, American lifestyle, music and fashion.
The US is also a major enemy to other groups that they are trying to fight.
They have groups see the US as an imperialist country that often use weapons when derars interests are threatened.
There are peaceful groups can arrange demonstration stations that can arouse public opinion against American companies. There are many groups who terorism. A growing threat to the US is attaker on embassies, companies or individuals in the United States even outside the country.


In the political parties, there are no party manifestos so they does not raise any demands. The demands put forward by various organizations in the United States. For example, a powerful konsevativ orginisation's Moral Majority fighting for the Christian world.
They also oppose abortion.
National Rifle Association is fighting for the rights so that they may carry arms on the streets or at home in the house.
There are people who are specielt employees to try to convince kongressledarmöterna about how they should do.
All intresseorganisationeroch large companies it has. This activity is called lobbying and is important for American politics.
There are about 10,000 pieces that keep on lobbying in Congress.
It can give great contribution to kongressledarmot valkanpanj to win support for his views.
Such a campaign will cost a lot of money. A company or organization that provides grant expect that the Congress leadership meeting since the voting rights in different matters.

The courts -the judiciary

There are two court systems in the United States.
A state and federally. If it is a crime against the state, the laws applies to the state system.
The national courts adjudicating in cases concerning violations of US laws, and in cases where several states are involved.
There may be drug trafficking in several states simultaneously.
There are various levels of courts.
The most powerful is the Supreme Court.
There are nine members of the Supreme Court elected for life by the president but they must be approved by the Senate.
A Republican president can be forced to cooperate with a court order to get a democratic president, and vice versa.

Supreme Court

Supreme Court controls so that the laws are not contrary to the US Constitution.
Eliminated the Court's interpretation of the Constitution.
An example of the 1960s, the Supreme somstolen stated that the death penalty is contrary to the US Constitution.
There is no cruel and unusual punishment may be imposed.
No one in the United States were executed in many years.
In 1976 tof court it up again and they said that it was against the Constitution.
But it was other judges who sat there.
Then, most states started to apply the death penalty again.
Interpretation of the Constitution can be changed depends on have currently judges sitting in the Supreme Court.

Mass media that affects the world

The United States has the most weekly magazines and newspapers than any other country.
There are about 7,000 magazines and 1,750 newspapers.
Almost all are privately owned.
In the US, freedom of speech and freedom of the press almost unlimited.
No law will affect freedom of the press to press.
The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times is the most widely read magazines in the world.
The TV company is voktigast NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN.
CNN is located in the center of Atlanta and broadcasts news around the clock.
Sometimes sends them world events at the very moment it happens.
The broadcast will also to Sweden, the US, Kuwait and Russia.
In some countries it is forbidden to bring CNN and other satellite channels, because it threatens to give the public a different picture than the authorities want to spread.

Walter Elias Disney

Walter Elias Disney was born Dec. 5, 1901 in Chicago but died December 15, 1966 of lung cancer. He was an American animator, film producer and entrepreneur, whose work with the cartoon came to be one of the world's best known film producers. Walt Disney's childhood was anything but idyllic, he was brutally beaten by the father and mother never intervened. Walt suspected that the reason he was beaten was that he was adopted, which later never confirmed but that one today can deny because we can see the similarity between him and his nephew Roy E Disney Walt liked animals and drew frequently from pigs and second round animal with a piece of coal when the father is not watched. Father believed that drawing was inappropriate and when he found out he got the often severe consequences for the boy.
As a 14 year old, he began studying at Sansa City Art Institute and at age 16 he enlisted as a volunteer ambulance driver for the Red Cross in France during the First World War.
Walt Disney returned to the US in 1919 and began working at an art studio in Kansas City.
There he met Ub Iwerks, and, except for a few years in the late 1930s, these two cooperating until Disney's death. They both joined the Kansas City Film Ad Company, where they produced cartoon commercials. Shortly, they began to draw satirical films that they called Laugh-O-Gram and sold to a cinema in the neighborhood.
Disney was inspired by this success and in 1922 formed his own company which he named Laugh-O-Gram Studio.
However, it went bankrupt already the following year and, together with Iwerks and his older brother Roy O Disney went pages then to Hollywood where he formed The Disney Bros.
Cartoon studio in 1925 was renamed Walt Disney studio.
With the help of Ub Iwerks produced, he is now a series of films, Alice Comedies, where an actress girl interacting with the animated characters.
In 1928 he created a figure who saved his company from going bankrupt, Mickey Mouse and Angbåtskalle.
When he has made three films with the famous Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie Mouse so was his purple company to a large company with hundreds of employees.
Walt Disney married Lillian Disney 13 July 1925.
In marriage, she gave birth to a daughter, Diane in 1933, but they also adopted a daughter, Sharon.
Lillian and Walt got together at Walt's death in 1966.
Lillian married then on with the business man John L. Truyens, he died in 1981.
During his years he did the same added 13 small fillmer and 22 feature films.

Elvis Aaron Presley

Born January 8th 1935 in Mississippi, and died August 16, 1977 in Tennessee.
He was an American rock singer and actor.
One of 1900s most prominent entertainers often referred to as The King.
Elvis has sold over 1 billion records worldwide.
Elvis Presley was the son of Vernon and Gladys Presley. Elvis was an only child; His twin brother Jesse Garon died at birth. Gladys knew it was going to be twins, and she had made up names long before it was time to give birth: Elvis Aaron and Jesse Garon. Elvis and his parents lived in Tupelo until 1948, when they moved to Memphis. Presley family was very religious.
When Elvis was 18, he worked as a truck driver and attended the same time as an electrician.
He often went past the Memphis Recording Service, which also was the site of now legendary Sun Records and got a day of sight to a sign that read "Recording Disc $ 4" on. After gathering the courage some time, he took the plunge and stepped in with their $ 4. Marion Keisker who was secretary, and received him asked him who he sounded like and Presley is said to have replied that "I sound like no other." This was in 1953 and the disc contained two songs, My Happiness and That's When Your Heartaches Begin, and was a birthday gift to his mother.
In 1954 he returned to Sun Records to record an album.
After that tipped Marion Keisker owner Sam Phillips to listen to Presley.
He liked Presley and put together Elvis with Scotty Moore playing guitar and Bill Black, who played bass.
1954 släpte them their first single That's All Right
and Blue Moon of Kentucky.
The three became increasingly popular in the South, and received in October 1954 to be in radio show Louisiana Hayride.
In 1958, Elvis was called up for military service, which he largely spent in Germany in the town of Bad Nauheim.
Then from 1958-60, he made no new discs or tracks.
When he returned from his arm, he began making movies such as GI Blues,
Blue Hawaii, Kissing Cousins ​​and Paradise Hawaiian Style.
Presley continued to make films until 1968, when he "finally" became free from film contracts. He wanted to stand in front of an audience again, and now got the chance. The -68 "Come Back Special" was proof that Elvis Presley, "The King", was withdrawn. This TV concert is, from a Swedish perspective, particularly interesting because he conducted it with a Swedish-made Hagstrom Viking II around his neck
Between 1969 and 1977, Presley gave more than 1100 concerts. The most noted is' Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite "from January 1973. It was a concert that Elvis did without compensation for the benefit of Kui Lee's Cancer Fund. The goal was to collect 25,000 US dollars; the result was threefold.
Until his death, Presley appeared in countless places across America. He had a tour booked starting August 17, 1977. He died, however, the day before. At autopsy, it was ruled a heart attack or similar, but it is clear that it was a long and intensive misuse of mainly prescription pills that broke down Elvis Presley. He was found dead on the floor of his bathroom at Graceland by his girlfriend Ginger Alden. His only child, Lisa Marie lived at Graceland night when Presley died.
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