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What is the argument

Topic: Society
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Arguing is something you do a few times almost every day. Although you may not always think about it enough that two people such as standing and discussing what hair one should buy. Where Buddy believe that dark brown is best suited to that person's color and body. While the person himself wants to color black.
I am now in this paper explain what is argument and what to consider when to argue in a debate or discussion. What are the different types of argumentation with mera.Argumentation is when in a debate or discussion of various kinds present their views and be for a discussion / debate with one or more opposing sides of the issue. But the argument is also used
• Complaints
• Pricing
• Wage Negotiations
• Job
There are many different theories of the argument about how to proceed in its arguments, but these are complex and difficult understandable as these, I will refrain from discussing.
Some great tips on how to prepare for an argument
• You should be sure to have made a good, well worked Outline so that you are well prepared on the arguments you're likely to get. A good outline is structured in such a way that it has: an introduction, a background, a message, an argument rebuttal to the counterparty any arguments and a strong finish.
• It can also be good to have strong evidence of / in their arguments, such as if you have a debate about the Royal Family to be abolished, for or against it may be that the royal family is, for example. 50% of the Swedish population supports the royal family.

If you should give some different types of arguments, it can for example be a political argument in a debate when speaking about his position in a particular policy issue, such as membership or no membership in the EMU, or there may be an argument for Job when can argue that one should get the job one is looking, why they consider themselves suitable for the job.
Then there is the argument from the sale of eg detergents or similar When arguing for how well your products really are.

I have above written down everything I can about the argumentation and some I picked up from the Internet on the topic. Argumentation is something that I think is very fun and instructive. I myself am active in church youth and in other places where there are many debates and discussions on various issues. Where we use when us of dispositions and arguments. Argumentation is something that we use daily in everyday life if you think about it, given that only a discussion on what to shop or eat for supper, in fact, becomes a form of argument. I hope that I manage to express myself in a good and understandable way in my essay.

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