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What is an H @ k © £ ®

How it all started

The first people called hackers were some people in the 60's, these subjects were then spread throughout the world,
The hackers got themselves manipulating the telephone network. Most hackers were mostly blind and alone, and they wanted to make contact with like-minded people.
Everything started with a blind boy of 10 years who amused themselves by calling the phone. It was the funniest thing he knew. But he not only had an interest in phones. He also had a superb musical mind. By chance he came to he whistled a certain tone he could get the phone to be connected to any other number ... In this way he learned to divert phones from their phone without having to pay for it. In this way he came into contact with other people with the same interest in all possible places on Earth. He taught them the same things that he had come on, and it was first produced in drawers that could generate the tones required to switch phones. These were called the Blue Boxes or "Blue Boxes". Some companies even began to manufacture these boxes, guess where they earned money on it!

Then came the computer.

Well into the 70s began home computers get so small. Then changed the word hacker sense to mean something like "A person who works, sleeps and lives with computers". There were a number of young people in the US lived in this way. The language they spoke only understood Hackers. An ordinary person could stand as a question mark. These young people has meant a lot in computer development. Especially in the concept of time-sharing or multitasking as it is also called. This means that more than one person can use the same computer at the same time.

The concept of hacker changes the meaning, again.

In the late 70s started to use the telephone network to connect computers that could be on completely different place or country. In connection with this also began individuals and businesses open databases that you could call a called modem (modulator / demodulator) that is a 'device' that converts the digital signals from the computer to analog that can be transmitted over the telephone. On these databases could receive information of all kinds, exchange experiences with others interested in computers, etc. In these databases grew up groups of people who had the greatest interest to try to get into the system that are not allowed to enter by means of a modem and a terminal. These people were now known to hackers, and they do today.

The typical hacker.

The typical hacker is usually:

• One
• 15-25 years
• Not previously punished.
• Unusually intelligent and stubborn.
• Has only Computers that interest.
• Do school is too simple and boring.

Most hackers do not directly delinquent more than just intrusion. They do so only to acquire knowledge about the different systems. It is their greatest interest, acquire as much knowledge as possible about everything that has to do with computers. Often, they can sit up for several days to get into a system.

The modern hacker.

"Hacker is a title of honor. It is worth something only when you receive it from other "quote Jörgen Nissen, a hacker in New Technology in 1990 nr49.

A hacker, though he deserves the title, is usually a member of a group with other hackers, within this group engaged hacker to maintain equipment, programming thing, and refine some software. They have meetings with other hacker groups where they hang out and discuss a little of each. The rumor claiming that they would hold on to copy the software to each of these meetings is probably not entirely false, but because it is not illegal then of course it is not as up to date, do not misunderstand me on, I did not mean that it is out of date copy programs without debate is not current.

The computers now have suddenly started a new subject where there are young people that often surpasses the teachers and almost always the parents. This has made a lot of myths floated in hacker circles, eg, the one about the young janitor who happens to pass a bunch of computer experts who can not handle a particular computer problem, janitor who is a young hacker key in some codes, and the problem solves itself. This is usually only fiction but a hint of truth there is probably everything with. Many hackers moonlights at various computer companies, some installs computers others adapt computer systems for the user and it is up to them to resolve problems over the phone.

When the mass media take up the subject of hacking is almost exclusively on illegal units. Hackers who have entered into a company's computer system and sabotaged, or infiltrated into a bank computer and grabbed money from it one way or another. But to call this hacking is wrong. The proper name should be cracking, a hacker need not necessarily be a cracker but a cracker is almost exclusively a hacker. A cracker dealing basically with everything from breaking the copy protection on the game software to sophisticated crime
and pure sabotage.

If a hacker is breaking into a computer system, it is not to cause confusion, but more to prove their competence before his comrades and himself. To program the computer viruses is very rare. It is against the hacker's code of honor, and it was good that I got into a bit of a virus there. Then I must explain it. You have often heard of the virus that makes a mess, but what is a virus?

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