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There is a famous painting by Titian depicting a woman being raped. The painting is from the 1500s but the incident happened behind the subject

509 f Christ. It represents the very beautiful Lucretia was a Roman noblewoman and was married to a cousin of the Roman Empire's last king. One night when Lucretia's husband was away, she was raped by one of the king's sons. When her husband came back she told me what had happened but she was not believed and therefore took his life.

Rape has thus always been and will probably always exist. And abuse is both larger and more frequent. Women and men who are exposed are taken away their dignity and their body. This is according to me the worst thing that can ever happen to a human. Yet so few that caught even though more and more takes courage and reports. In this essay I want to show that there is something seriously wrong with the justice system when 18,000 rapes committed but only 100 to 150 leads to a conviction. Views on rape today is also very skewed. When a woman is drunk and gets raped, it is considered that she may blame herself. When the man is drunk and rapes her, he can not help it. It allows the offender to the victim and the victim to the perpetrator.

The number of reported rapes and unannounced

On average, reported 10 rapes each day, there will be about 3,600 each year in Sweden. The number of rapes reported is estimated, however, by National Council to be about 20 percent of the actual figure. Assuming that this happens about 45 rapes every day and as much as 18,000 a year. It is a dangerously high figure. For all these rapes, it's only 100 to 150 offenders who receive a conviction. This number has remained stable since 1975, although the number of reports has increased drastically.

In 2004, reported 2,631 rapes. In 2005, reported 3,587 rapes, and in the first three quarters of 2006 reported 3,974 rapes. The increase is obviously due to more people dare to report because it is not as taboo to talk about rape anymore. The increase may also be due to the legislation that made the offenses previously grouped under sexual exploitation nowadays instead is classed as rape. But it can also depend on the number of rapes has increased.


The first law defined rape as one or more people forced to have sex from a woman. Now, legislation has been amended so that it also applies when the victim is a man. It does not move about intercourse but need only a comparable sexual act. A new addition to the rape law is that the victim does not have to do physical resistance or even say no. It is enough that the victim did not show any consent for it to be classified as a rape. If e.g. the victim is so affected that he / she can not say no, either, if he / she has been drinking, taking drugs or been drugged so classified it as rape.

Different types of rape

In the media's so-called rape attacks overrepresented because they are more interesting to read about. But according to statistics, it is just the opposite.

32 percent of all rapes are committed by someone the victim has a close relationship, eg the victim's current or former partner, husband or boyfriend. In these cases, rape is almost always in the family home. A third of these women report the crime within a day, unlike the average, where only one-fifth reported. Despite this, it is often difficult to prove that the woman did not want and the majority of the investigations are dropped.

In many cases, the offender is a superficial acquaintance of the woman. This type of rape accounts for about 27 percent of all reported rapes. In these cases, the victims are often young, averaging 22 years old and the offender considerably older. 13 percent of these reported cases result in prosecution decisions.

Only 20 percent of all rape is rape attacks. Rape usually occurs outdoors and here are the victims young, averaging 24 years. This group reports 73 percent the rape to the police. But only 5 percent of these of cases leading to prosecution because the offender can not even be identified.

The remaining group is "other close acquaintances" such as colleagues.

Why not register?

Unfortunately, the number of unreported rapes among large because many do not believe they have been subjected to a "real" rape and therefore do not dare to report. Rape as described in the media's often rape attacks and this may help people not believe their rape "counted". Many are also afraid to report because of threats and that they can not be bothered to go through a long and arduous investigation. Many of the victims have reported crimes that previously did not lead to prosecution so therefore it is believed that the same thing will happen again and that it is therefore not do any good to report. Nor is anyone who knows where to turn and that there is support and help available.

Gang rape

Group Rapes are also increasingly common. Gang rape is when two or more perpetrators forcing to have sex with another man. In 22 percent of all reported gang rape has been a matter of three or more perpetrators, in the rest of the cases, they have been two. 80 percent of these rapes take place indoors and 20 percent outdoors. 11 percent of victims were 14 years or younger when the rape occurred. Nearly 30 percent of the perpetrators were young when they committed this crime, 15-20 years. It is also common for these rapists have committed other crimes. As many as 46 percent have been caught three or more offenses.

The rapist

It is common for those who rapes a man and his victim is a woman. But there are of course a few female rapists who have raped men. There are also men who have raped other men and women who have raped other women.

Here are some statistics on offenders who have committed gang rape in Sweden:

43.5 percent were ethnic Swedes (two Swedish parents, born and registered in Sweden)

32 percent were immigrants (born abroad but registered in Sweden)

14.5 percent had an immigrant background (born and registered in Sweden, but with one or two foreign-born parents)

10 percent were foreigners (not registered in Sweden)


For rape sentenced under Chapter 6. 1 § 1 st Criminal Code to imprisonment for not less than two nor more than six years, for aggravated rape, longer prison sentences imposed. If the offense with regard to violence or the threat and the circumstances generally considered to be less serious, shall be sentenced pursuant to Chapter 6. 1 § 2. Penal Code to imprisonment not exceeding four years.

For aggravated rape sentenced under the Criminal Code Chapter 6. 1 § 3 pcs. imprisonment for at least four and up to ten years. In determining whether a rape is rough should be considered especially if the violence was dangerous or if the person who committed the act inflicted severe injury or serious illness, according to the procedure or the victim's young age or otherwise, exhibited particular ruthlessness or brutality.

Rape in U.S.

In the U.S., most states based their laws on English as the "common law". It is based on historical precedent or previous court decisions. Because of this, rape is defined in the same way as it was in Sweden in the 1960s. This means that one or more men forcibly compelling a woman to sexual intercourse. Written laws also criminalize other types of abuse, which is known as statutory rape. That's about sexual abuse that we in Sweden have changed to rape.

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