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"Man arrested for rape of children", "22-year-old woman was raped" and "Raped 16-year-old boy in the bushes" are just a few out of the hundreds of titles one can come across in the papers concerning rape. Rape is a crime that has become increasingly common in Sweden in recent years. Sorry. I can not count the number of completion, I leafed through the magazine and found an article with some poor girls who are victims of this horrible, criminal act. Innocent girls, and sometimes boys, who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a short time changed their entire life.I have always been interested in this with the crime and laws, and now I finally get the opportunity to look more closely at a crime and say my opinion. Everything we do, we make out any reason and purpose of this work is obvious to me to learn anything. I want to know what sort of people who rape and why. I want to know how to get help after being exposed and who to turn to. I want to know what the law says and what the punishment will be.

What is rape? The law says that rape is an act in which an individual forces another to sexual intercourse or other sexual relations by using violence or threats. The penalty for rape is imprisonment for two to four years. For rape are sentenced to a term of imprisonment less than four and not more than ten years. How would you do if a rape is rough or not? The Act says that you should take into account whether the violence was dangerous or if the offender caused any serious injury or illness.
Then I wonder what counts the category of "serious injury"? Is it just a big bruise and venereal diseases listed there? All the girls who suffer from depression then? All girls who suffer from nightmares and sleeping problems and even suicide in some cases. If their damage is not big enough? How safe do you feel really when one is aware that the offender is back on the loose in a few years back? I would in any case live in constant fear. I had not dared to go somewhere alone and I had probably looked behind me at least twenty times to be sure that there is someone who persecute me. Live at that time, or waiting only for death?

Who is the abuser and why he performs rape? There are several types of rapists and therefore also several answers to the question of why they commit this crime. It has therefore divided rapes groups.
Power rape is the most common rape. This action is usually planned and involves threats of violence, whether by speech or with a weapon. The offender has a strong need to dominate and to have power over another human being. The perpetrator has poor self-esteem and a strong sense of inadequacy. He is often difficult to distinguish between what is coercion and persuasion, and therefore it is not unusual that he denies it involved sexual violence from his side. The perpetrator would like to believe that the victim consented to intercourse and that she enjoyed out of it.
Another variant of rape is rape anger which is often an unplanned impulshandlig characterized by excessive violence. The attack can be sudden and unexpected, and because of this, the victim is often completely unprepared and defenseless. In this category of rape is the perpetrator's motivation wrath. After the assault perpetrator knows some relief, but not because he was sexually satisfied, but because he found an outlet for their anger. It is not unusual that intercourse is not implemented because the man often has difficulty in getting an erection, which can be caused to the man becomes more frustrated and aggressive and therefore forcing the woman to other sexual acts such as oral sex or masturbation for him.
The sadistic rape is the last name of a type of rape. Here offender satisfaction of seeing his victim's suffering, distress, fear and helplessness. He wants to humiliate, offend and humiliate their victims. Often the abuse ritual in which the victim is chained and various tools used during the rape. Rape can last for quite some time and can sometimes end up with murder. The documents are often carefully planned and not the result of a sudden outbursts of anger. Usually the victims are strangers but have no specific property joint such as occupation, age or appearance. Prostitutes or women offender sees as slutty fall very often victims of sadistic rapists.

I had intended to tell what form of rape right I think is the worst, but unfortunately I can not do. All are equally terrible in my opinion. A rape is and will always remain a rape. A mandatory to intercourse. I can not have enough words to describe how sorry I feel about the people who fall victim to this terrible crime. Some of them become virginity and never want to have sex. Therefore, I think it's important that they get more time and that all six may be on their terms.
Something they all will get the damage for life. A wound in the heart and the brain that unfortunately will never heal. Unfortunately, so erased some memories never replaced.

A majority of reported rapes are committed by offenders who are familiar with the victims. In almost a third of cases the offender is the victim's current or former spouse, partner or boyfriend. It shows an exploration as Crime Prevention Council (BRA) has performed.

There are also a number of myths about rape today, in my opinion, are pure fabrications.

"Challenging dress that short skirts and low-cut shirts increasing
rape the man's desire. "
"Only a certain type of women will be exposed."
"She said no but meant yes."
"She was full and must blame himself."
"She just wants revenge and fit a boy / man she was angry."

I do not think it matters how the woman dressed or if she had been drunk, a no is each time a no! It is not true that only a certain type of women are exposed, it can unfortunately affect anyone! It is, in my view, a wrong perception that only men raping women they are attracted to. I have been in the newspapers, television and the Internet have seen and read that both little girls and old women were raped. Mean people that they ask for it? That it is right for them? I have time during my seventeen years in all cases not seen in some old lady with "provocative clothing". Not some poor girl who deserves to lose her virginity on this awful seen.
It is never right to force a person into something that does not want, whether it concerns sexual intercourse or another. Rape is often explained away by men can not control their sexuality or that rapists are mentally ill. Every single one of these myths leads to exonerating the men and blame women. It should not be the girls who should feel guilty, but the boys and men who rape. A rape is always a crime, and debt is only the offender, regardless of the circumstances.
Rape is not something you desire. It is something you should not even wish her worst enemy.

After having been raped should be as soon as possible contact the police and hospitals. No matter who you first visit they will help still further in the process. It's also great to take with someone you trust, then it can feel hard to manage all contacts with the police and the hospitals on their own after such a psychological strain.
It is a great advantage to seek medical advice as soon as possible after the assault, preferably within 72 hours. Traces of the perpetrator can more easily secured the shorter the time that has passed. At the hospital, photographed the damage and they are looking for semen, blood, saliva and hair.
The affected receive the care it needs and also investigated to see if the rape has led to venereal disease or pregnancy. If you wish you can meet with a counselor.
The survey is voluntary, but if you do it increases the chance of identifying the perpetrator if he is unknown. The hospital staff are not required to notify a rape carried on an adult to the police. The decision to notify you have to take yourself.

Rape is a terrible crime that should be discouraged and stopped by all possible means. The only question is how. There are opinions that legalized prostitution would reduce the number of rapes. In fact, now that prostitution does exist, and it has not solved any problems. I believe instead that the best way for a rapist to be healed is to undergo treatment. There he can learn to respect women and confront their problems. To punish rapists solves only problem temporarily when the perpetrator is behind bars, but I do not discourage him and other men, from committing rape in the future. The risk is rather high that punishment gives life to bitterness and violence. To punish with imprisonment for rape implies, in my opinion only that society invalidate the rape, but it does unfortunately not a rape-free society.

I think I can see a connection between the man's role is today and rape. Rapists are themselves victims of her husband's role. A man has expectations about how to be dominant and strong. If a man then not living up to these requirements as the surroundings and he himself puts, I think there is a great risk that a man with low self-esteem, mental confusion or a traumatic childhood, then you must find a way to get that control and power, this can be rape or assault.
Rape statistics show that rape increased during the 70s, there was a time when the women's movement was strong. I think this may be a sign that many men felt that their power decreased, which resulted in more rapes. Would male roles change so that men casual exposure to these expectations, I believe also that the number of rapes would reduce drastically. I believe that an equal society where women and men have the same rights and obligations would contribute to the number of men with misogyny would decrease and thus also the rapes. The important thing is that the whole perception of male and female role must change fundamentally. Parenting, teaching, school, kindergarten, mothers and fathers - all must initially be on giving the children new roles. Human Role instead of male and female roles.

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