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Water spindle

Subject: Biology , Animals
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The only spider that really tied to the water is water spider. It can be from 8 to 15 mm long. Most of the time the male is larger than the female. In Latin, the water spider a name that is Argyroneta Aquatica.
One can see the run around on the surface of a pond, but is mostly underwater. When swimming, the whole body surrounded by a silvery air bladder that's where it gets its Latin name, for Argyroneta means silverspinnerska.

Appearance, General

Water spindle until the body is dark brown and the abdomen are brownish gray and hairy. It lives in fresh or brackish water. When water is the stem under the water has a silvery air bubble on the particular hairy abdomens, with this spindle takes air in the water as it does not have gills. At the ventral surface air layer especially thick, this is where it has its respiratory organs. This causes the water spider mostly swims with her back down. As soon as the water spider notice that it's getting a little short on oxygen goes up and renews its air bubble, the protruding abdomen above the surface. In this position it can remain for quite some time before it swims down over again. With the help of the air bubble, the water spider stay underwater for hours and sometimes for several days.
Water spider builds a horizontal network between aquatic plants. While working with the network goes up to the surface and retrieves one air bladder after the other, and places them under the net, as the taking down by its hind legs. Eventually, this network may be the shape of an air-filled bell. In the clock about the size of a walnut spend Water spider most of their time.
Their diet
Water spindle diet consists of insects, small crustaceans, aquatic insects or mites, it gets a hold of either using their networks running out of the nest, or so chasing them on the sea floor. The females usually take prey to the nest while the males and the kids eat it up on the spot.


Reproduction takes place from about April to August. In the beginning of this period begins males
Weaving a special stay for the female and the eggs. This is much thicker and larger than an ordinary stay.
Conception can occur like this:
The male penetrates into the female's stay and penetrate then remove the female from the nest, and outside the nest takes a violent courtship. When the female is tired of the game swims it back to its nest, the male follows the course for. And it is now conception occurs. In contrast, if the female is mating willing shows it with punches with his front legs and can not be squeezed out, the male backs when first end out of the nest and looking right at another. The eggs can be stored in the nest, but for the most part they are in a special "äggbo" just below the surface, where females tend to remain as it has laid its eggs. The kids do not leave their "stay" until one month after hatching, for it is only when the pup's coat has grown clear. The kids immediately start trying to build their own little "clock".

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