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The greenhouse effect

Greenhouses of the effect Faces

For a long time, people have been discussing the greenhouse effect and what could happen if it continues to increase. More recently it has been noticed how companies are changing about to become more environmentally conscious and sell environmentally friendly products to consumers. How people waste more and the discussion of the environment has an editing speed in the right direction in my opinion.

What is the greenhouse effect?

The greenhouse effect is also known as the greenhouse effect and is a natural process. Without it the Earth would be much colder. From the sun sent heat radiation "bounces" against the earth. Most of it leaves the Earth's atmosphere but a small part remains, which means that the soil stays warm. In the atmosphere are gases that determine house much heat is going to stay there. But according to researchers greenhouse gases has increased, which means that the heat stays for a long time on our planet.

The different views

There are always two sides to every discussion. In this case, the people who think that the temperature increases Unfortunately, because of ourselves and those who believe it is nature's own time. Which is right?
In debate article Östgöta Correspondent (25.9.2006) writes Lars Olert that the greenhouse effect is created by the carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases and also a researcher in the UN climate panel IPCC and are completely agreed. Most would agree this theory but I think the media has a foot in the game. Many know how the media is in today's society, doing something great by something small. So why not on the greenhouse effect with? There are those who believe that we need more research on the subject before one finds that this is the problem of the increased temperature.
In debate article 'bluff on the climate "by Jonas Petterson (Aftonbladet 20.8.2006), he argues that we humans have a very small part in the rising temperature. He believes that it is nature's own balance that is beginning to stabilize. In medieval times, low temperatures are much higher than what makes today then came the Little Ice Age, which lowered the temperature and the time after the Earth has increased slowly but steadily in degrees to get to a normal temperature. Wibjörn Karlén climate scientist and professor of physical geography at the University of Uppsala. He has studied climate change in countries such as Sweden (Kebnekaise area), Kenya, Botswana, the Arctic and Antarctic. On the internet side www.realtid.se (05/03/2007 "The greenhouse effect is a myth") even claims he that the increase in temperature is not man's fault. He believes that when he is on the "wrong" side of the majority, his voice not as important in this context. He also points out that with the help of speleothems in caves and how glaciers move themselves can see that the temperature varies over a longer period. That the temperature will again be lowered if a certain number of years.
A lot of talk has been about Polaris were. Show says that they are about to melt, which will increase sea levels and countries not located high above the water surface will disappear. That the animals in these blocks of ice and tundra will disappear in number or perhaps extinct. A study in the journal Science shows that the polar ice caps instead becoming thicker and even the World Wildlife Fund reports that the number of polar bears has increased.

Avoiding an increase in temperature?

An agreement called the Kyoto Protocol between the industrialized countries created in 2001. All those who joined have to reduce their emissions of six greenhouse gases by an average 5 per cent from 1990 to 2008/2012. However, even if this would work, there are developing countries that do not have these rules, which means that greenhouse gases are not reduced over law. But to get to the rest of the world at this time, maybe you have a chance to lower the temperature. We can also help with sorting, choose greener cars and drive medium and to use public transport.


According to the facts shown, I believe it is a natural cycle that will happen but we humans have accelerated the process. That we begin to use more environmentally friendly products can give us extra years to adapt. But one can not ignore that it ever will happen, maybe not when we live but we must think of the future. Wibjörn Karlen (www.realtid.se 03/05/2007 "The greenhouse effect is a myth") mentions that one can see the stalagmites and glaciers, the temperature was in the past. But if these are now showing that the temperature varies why do not scientists up that point and really makes analyzes of the situation. Actually, the way we hear is that the temperature is going up Unfortunately, because of the greenhouse effect, and that the ice is melting. The other side is inconspicuous because it raises are not as strong reactions. One must make a strong examination to get a strong response as merely scientists and other people.

Therese Rosvall

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