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Rydberg: Singoalla

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Rydberg was born in Jönköping in 1828. He is rated as one of the Swedish romanticism greatest writers. Besides Singoalla He has written lyrical poems, such Whence and whither?, Brooder and the new Grottesången.Singoalla is a tragic novel. It's about love, hate and suffering. All the novel's main characters are or may be later in the document a reason to be dissatisfied with their lives.

The novel begins with a description of the environment in which everything takes place. You get a grasp of the knight Erland (the main character) wallpaper. Erland comes from a respected, wealthy family living in 1300s Småland.

One day Erland Singoalla. Singoalla is a gypsy and she is unlike any Erland previously encountered. She is dark, exotic and exciting.

"A district's daughter, she was not, it noticed the Borderland of her manners, dress,
song, which sounded completely different than the region's girls sang songs, when they searched
cattle in the wilderness. "

Singoalla completely enchants him. They marry in secret and Erland going with her people on their journey. Singoalla people fail, however, both of them. People plunder the monastery and takes Erland hostage. When Erland saved and come home to her castle starts a hatred fester within him. This hatred is directed against Singoalla.

After Erland wakes up from poisoning, his life as it has always been intended. He marries his fiancee predetermined Helena, have a son and live a comfortable life.

Then a figure named Benoni into the picture. Benoni is Erland and Singoalla love child, but it has Erland no idea. Benoni offers to serve one hundred days in Borderland, when the monastery abducted treasures found. Erland accepts the offer and Benoni put into service.

Benoni is obedient and timid. But after some time in service, Singoalla, hiding in a cave in the woods, drugging him Erland so that he is fully in Benoni's violence. Erland follow Benoni into the woods. He hits Singoalla and treats her like his great love. Benoni get to feel what it is to have a father, Erland treats him as his son.

One night says Benoni:
"Erland, you hate me for days; love me, you only at night"

With that, he means that it is only at night Borderland is the loving father. On the day he treats Benoni raw, it's like a shadow of a memory from the night linger with him and Erland feel a growing aversion to Benoni.

After some time taking Erland know how things are with their nightly walks to the forest. He becomes enraged and kills Benoni. This is the very end of the novel, and shortly after that Benoni died will bubonic plague to the village. Only Erland and the monk John, who survives. When the plague seems to have swept past venture both to nature and they are amazed.
"As the morning sun rose over a landscape whose calm no bird song,
scalded no sound, no vallandeherdes handset revived, because Black Death
just abandoned it and left the silence left "

I thought the novel was very touching and beautiful. The nature and the individual was the center is perfectly clear. Additionally portrayed a lot about the soul's night side, because that Erland was two different people, one of which only appeared at night. Viktor Rydberg's novel belongs entirely at home in the romance and he has also been with the romantic irony, the author builds a sweet love story and then crush it.

based on 14 ratings Rydberg: Singoalla, 2.1 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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