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What is WiMax?

WiMax is a wireless network in the IEEE 802.16 standard and has a range of about 50 kilometers, and data rates up to 70 megabits per second.
WiMax stands for "World Wide Interoperabiliby for Microwave Access" and it's WiMax forum is behind this. WiMax Forum is an association of a large number of leading IT companies and telecommunications companies.
Intel accounts for the circuits that control the transfer from computer to computer (or other device) to the antenna.
WiMax to be in a very near future become a strong alternative to broadband.
WiMax also supports QoS (Quality of Service) which means that it can deliver video and voice over a WiMAX network.

To see WiMax network out

What happens in and with WiMax?
Now that the U.S. is investing in WiMax so threatened 3G standard UMTS / WCDMA perish in the world where WiMax is much stronger and better.
Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens are also at risk of losing their positions as leading suppliers of mobile network equipment. But we must in doing a major evolution in the network as well.

My reflections and thoughts:
I see a very bright this with WiMax. Imagine so smoothly it gets for such a city Jönköping omnjed to get broadband at all. It's just putting out mast hire, plug in broad band and run it out to people.
I am also convinced that it is WiMax, which will apply in the near future.
What could be better than WiMax is a network that has even longer range, perhaps infinite. It comes soon enough too.

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