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The people we call gypsies originated from India and was at the time, of course Hindus. When Islam then spread out more and more in northern India forced large numbers of people to flee and abandon their country and their religion. In order to progress, they had to exploit the contradictions within Islam and to later survive and avoid persecution forced it to adapt to the Christian faith. This has meant that many nowadays do not believe that Gypsies have a religion, that they are atheists.

Even today one can recognize Gypsy proverbs, songs, prayers and other traditions of the Hindu faith, although these gypsies Protestants and Greek Orthodox. Zigenargrupperna in different Christian countries, for example, various patron saints of which none are approved by the Church. They even have their own government missions, for example, Finland.



Cleanliness is something that Gypsies takes very seriously. I mean spiritual purity as well as bodily. Washing always before sitting down at the table and if no cookware is dropped, it is often enough not to wash it, but then it should preferably be disposed. It is namely marime, ie impure, and the same applies to people if they performed an inappropriate action, even if the course is not thrown. In such cases, Marime explained for a specific time period. According gypsy is all other people, that is those not gypsy and the gypsy called Gaje, also Marime. It's because they can not distinguish what is pure and what is impure in the same way as the gypsies themselves.

Young and old are considered cleaner than others, and men are as Gypsies cleaner to the soul than women. It manifests itself in the fact that women may never be higher than men - they are considered to contaminate the man's head. Therefore it is always the women who go last up stairs and down first.


As regards accommodation and way of life have gypsies very strict rules. Many of these regulations have created tensions between Gypsies and other neighbors. Gypsies are very diligent in using the laundry room. They do it often and long. When they wash clothes wash the women and men separately, as well as the young and the old ones. Even clothing above the waist and clothes below the waist washed separately. Some objects, such as towels, tablecloths, must be washed by hand in the sink. The young men are not allowed to wash or shave in the elderly presence also contributes to the laundries is used more regularly. Another factor is that young and old may not use the same toilet - why must the young go down in the laundry room. This really applies even between women and men.

When to sleep you have to make sure that your feet never touch the refrigerator or food storage. Nor must the feet be near, or point to, the older the house. All this is because the feet are considered extremely dirty and obviously also to the elderly is considered cleaner than others. Young people must never sleep close together in the sight of elderly people and they must preferably be ascended and clothed before it gets light in the morning if there are elderly people in the house.


The question of marriage customs vary greatly between different Gypsy groups around the world. We intend to discuss how the gypsies do in Finland because there are very special rules.

Engagement and Wedding has only recently become quite common among Gypsies. In the past, there was never. Indeed ömhetsbeygelser has never been open from the gypsy. If two people took a liking to each other were kept it a secret, and the traditional way of announcing a relationship has always been to hold together. According to tradition, would the girl's brothers try to bring home his sister - the scenario is recognizable from many romantic stories and movies. Remove got married here gypsies always distanced from, it considers it shameful and think that adults should not interfere. It held the pair returns after a time to family and relatives, sometimes not until the first child already. During pregnancy it should preferably be kept secret as long as possible, and at BB visiting only younger sisters the expectant mother. After birth, the mother unclean for about six weeks and the child as long as it gets breast milk. During that time, the mother stay away as much as possible and she does not eat the same dishes as the rest of the family. Talking about sex or anything that has to do with sex with people other than family is not suitable. For this reason, it is improper to ask about a child's age and to teach children to call their parents by their first names, do not tell mom or dad. On a woman can see if she's married if she wears a headscarf, known as diclofenac, wrapped around the head and fastened usually by a beautiful piece.


Talking about death is to develop it, says the gypsies. To visit a sick person is important for all Gypsies. It is often said that if that person were to die it is important not to have any unfinished business with him. Actually, one can say that the custom to gather around a sick person most reflects the gypsy cohesion between families and Gypsies in general. You always watching of the dead - it's among all Gypsies in all countries and the ceremonies that follow are different depending on which troskådning you have.

All utensils and clothes that belonged to the deceased is burned and the time should not live in a house where someone died, but it is so clearly not always so easy to move. The only things that preserve the memory objects such as watches and jewelry that is passed down in the family.


The traditional folk costume has become less frequent use among today's gypsies. For example, Poland was the wartime need for Gypsies to conceal their identity in order to survive. Even in other Western countries have adapted the upholstery to the other people and use their traditional clothes only at festivals and parties. In Sweden the women wear, at festivals, a long flounced dress or skirt that can be sewn of different materials. The dress or blouse can be low cut and usually have short sleeves, and married women have, as I mentioned earlier, a diclofenac around the head. All colors can be used except for black, symbolizing mourning and therefore considered unclean.

In Finland, however, used the black velvet skirts. That's because when it got very cold winters in Finland in 20-30 centuries began to edge woolen skirts with black velvet. After the hand was so full skirt covered with this fabric. If you want to honor the older you should wear their traditional costume. One should also not wear make-up, cut their hair or dye it. Man wearing happy hair in braids or let attract it.

The men, especially in Finland, will happily carry long pants and boots and vest is something mandatory. Among other zigenarmän have upholstery lost their substance and in young Gypsies today it is more a question of purity and convenience than tradition.

Legal rules

Swedish and non-Nordic Gypsies have their own "court" where they gather for something they call the crisis, and this affected only the internal affairs such as infidelity, divorce, insults or dishonest behavior. In direct criminal actions or other events that require it as one turns naturally to the police or other authorities - its own law, they have not. The times needed to judge it by what the common law and the Gypsy ethic and tradition prescribes. When someone calls to emergency chosen few Gypsies out to the jury, or advisers as they are called. This is a mark of honor. The judgment tends to be fine or that it declared marime for a shorter or longer period of time and then temporarily excluded from the Community. After the crisis, people gather to feast of reconciliation.

In Finland, not these crises, gathered here sometimes at markets and discusses the problems that arose. If you make any unclean thing can lose his standing and reputation within their own group. If someone does something like that draws his shame not only upon himself but also Restan of his family. Family feuds or "blodshämnder" has always been and is probably a degeneration of the old customs.

Crime affects Gypsies, but are not specific for gypsies - it is namely not higher than in other ethnic groups.

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15 Responses to "Gypsies"

  1. miki on December 11, 2008 at 11:22 pm #

    I vile just point out that you are wrong with our bänemninh Gypsies it is very uncertain where does that word and what it means if it is negative or positive I do not know, but I måtsäter me ATTT one should bare some peoples with any words first and foremost fine-not in our Romany language but if ther any words in our language, it's rum or Romany meaning and the word we have that skule represent our nation, same as tilexempel you Swedes that ther et words called Swedish and kvinan called Swedish as self-clear, you have the tat that name to represent the era nation and self-maps you speak Swedish as we Roma or Romani speaking Romani,
    but you skule not be happy if you had become kalade as a nation Vikings
    though it belongs to the era history of the fäörsta it is not populert for the second Vikings fans but no longer, and Tyver to the all excited to have so many prejudices about us Roma gypsies that ther is no longer kanskee fans before two hundred years ago because you kalade the so but today they live like any other normal meniskor Baqra they get the chance, and the properties that you have described in there Posts You can not take two three familijes private life and then judge or describe an entire nation, it is completely wrong an example svenson No one is married with two children upfostrar their children on the right satellite to remain with his beloved wife for 60 years and die happy
    Svenson No two remarries 6 times skafar children from any procrastination trying mislukad to upfostra their child becomes 60 years old barnena flytar home he BLR alone and begin to feel bad
    Svenson No. 3 flytar from Sweden travel to another country, the type of Thailand live all sit life abroad and down he gets old, he will Return to Sweden
    Thus what I vile describe where UPE is private life that people live in Sweden but you skule was not happy if I had sentenced the Swedish people after that,
    even if the fine people who live positively and also people living negatively
    it skule was completely wrong hope you did not get angry or iriterad of my Posts sentence is that you should uppfata and write straight on meniskor mvh miki

  2. girl on December 16, 2008 at 11:47 pm #

    where did you get the information like that ??? It must be 200 years old. I am a gypsy, but do not know any of what you write. A little unusual to be Brana clothes and houses and that of clean and Gadjo ... where did you find out everything like that is surely that it is about the gypsies, you wrote ?? Things T as it must be really old info you have.

  3. Chey on March 13, 2009 at 1:47 pm #

    to the girl:, then maybe it's that in your earlier grandparents they have put all the traditions o rules aside, and adapted to the country where they live. partly, I think it's a shame when one becomes too much adapted to gadjes . if one is rum, you should see and notice it, it'll be different from everyone else :) However, it is mycker true that infor Marma station is old course, there is the original tradition, we are talking about, but still andvänds tradition here and there, it depends on just how man he brought up, as I, for example. I have learned the tradition that small, but have been chosen to go for it or not. now in this position has fallen away a large part of the tradition. because my guy is not rum. That really is not good, one should not mix the rum o gadje..det Do not mix too much, it gives the conclusion that one soon forgot what Rome is, and what it means to be there. The thing after death is sant..kanske not to burn down a house exactly, they can not do in Sweden, for example, o the I do not think anybody has done.
    But as clothing, shoes, and other things have been burned for the dead. That said, watches o jewelry is inherited.

  4. Romni on April 15, 2009 at 6:16 AM #

    Well, what the author describes that one should burn the deceased's belongings such as clothes actually correct. it is not historical information but which are now no longer applied. The reason why one would burn the deceased milled clothing and personal possessions were that tea x it would not fall into the "wrong" hands, ie tea x of gadje. With us it is so that the coming generations divide the clothes and try At least "go" in them at some point so that the latter can be disposed ellr so. But there is so much that differ among the various Roma groups so it is difficult to access information applicable to all Roma groups. Very much of the above is true actually very good on most Roma groups, however. Religion however is something that all Roma groups (or at least most) has carried with him always. God and faith, spiritualism and the like have always characterized the Roma. Even today. To call themselves atheist is a shame of the Roma. Benämninger gypsy originating in the Greek "artzinganos", which they called a group of the wizards in Greece. Rome is the name that we have in ourselves, your counterpart is the "Swedish".

  5. line on April 16, 2009 at 9:15 pm #

    I read a book in which a gypsy woman tells about her life, her family and their tradition, rules, etc. I think that what is written here and what I read in the book is entirely

  6. ELMIJE on October 30, 2009 at 11:11 pm #

    I myself GYPSIES but none of DETA Stamer WITH OSS.VI GYPSIES HATE THAT THERE IS untidy and stuff .HOS WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE STÄDAT.OCH we have no specil fashion style MAN MUST HAVE WHAT YOU WANT ON .but we are always FINE DRESS SO WE CAN NEVER OUT IF WE ARE FINE clothe the matter where we go

  7. Natasja (Finnish Rome) on November 24, 2009 at 10:03 pm #

    Hello! That not everyone agrees the writing is probably because in large part to describing the Finnish Roma traditions, customs and culture. At death we burn the deceased's clothing, home textiles etc. Jewelry etc. retain it. Everything mentioned in the text clean / unclean match to 100 percent. Spiritual purity + external. The writer describes exactly how to wash fabrics and how to do the laundry! :) However, not all recognize themselves probably because all countries Roma have the same manners o use. Basically (I think), we all had the same basic rules. For some groups, they have almost disappeared completely, others are hard at some. We Finnish Roma is very hard on the rules and marvel at large when we see the noticeable differences in other Roma. Your text should have high praise for! All facts match well!

  8. Orebro gitanan on January 10, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

    shit huh well done i ee self Finnish Gypsies and the writing is just right the right of defrost time no överdrivde

  9. milajah on October 12, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

    I e oxå Finnish gypsy, everything there if our culture does. good that there are people who write down things that gadjes learn a little bit about our culture.

  10. Jago on November 5, 2010 at 12:28 AM #

    What ELMIJE mentions Stemmer 100% .I also Gypsies and what many are talking about the existence of gypsy chiefs and kings is not true and if so who are they? .
    If the pain probably would be on sådanna would remerna keep their culture and not let their children abusing drugs or get involved with drugs of huvetaget !!!.
    The 2nd is that Roma have sold their culture because cash items; contributes to the associations and clubs that are only a robe to show that you are honest.
    Our Old förfödrar said not learn utomståande Roma people for it to be held InnAbout Roma and also not to publish the Roma culture but all this has been to all gadje as we say.
    All this because of money, it has made books, Romany dictionaries dictionary. Idags situation, there are Swedes and other gadje which is better Roma than our own children, why not teach their children the culture that our ancestors taught us. We dared not say imot our parents bad or good. we sat silent and said no. Our young people today swear and fight against us, and we dare not mention anything to it when it is run with us.
    I WONDER how the hell you could talk about Roma culture WHEN MEN INTTE can keep it.

  11. Daniel on December 9, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    "Crime affects Gypsies, but are not specific for gypsies - it is namely not higher than in other ethnic groups."

    This was probably the dumbest thing I've ever read.

    Firstly, it goes without saying that crime is not exactly as widespread in all communities. There is absolutely nothing to suggest it - the allegation is totally absurd.

    In addition, know all the Gypsies are far more criminal than the average Swedish. Take a look at any Swedish prison and compare the proportion of Gypsies where the proportion of Gypsies in the population as a whole, and you will see for yourself the enormous overrepresentation they stand for.

  12. Swedish on January 11, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Gypsies ...... I have experience of gypsies and trickiest people are not here in Sweden have the chance to live a normal life, but they continue to steal, live on welfare, are skilled at creating segregation, dirt, crime where they live ... ..
    [Comment from skolarbete.nu]
    I like driving skolarbete.nu is a foreigner. As a young man had always heard that foreigners only utilizes Sweden. Last year I paid nearly 800,000 in taxes. Before you pull all the foreigners / Gypsies / Turks, etc. over an edge and at the same time believe to be Swedish means to be holy so perhaps you should ask your parents how much input they have received over the years. I guess I have paid your family and your family's contributions many times. I like not the people that utilize the community, the foreigners and Swedes. The fun of it all is that those who complained about foreigners most when I was in school are those who today are generally the poorest and most alcoholic. Your complaints are for me signs that you are unhappy with yourself. It is easy to start searching fault with others then.

  13. Fatima on May 14, 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    Hey everyone can have their opinion about Roma but let Roma decide how we want to be kalade and Finnish Roma feel back in the text then would be fine if it says that it's about they do not all Roma, Please do not pull all Roma over a comb, we are all different and you should huh respected for what they är.Låt be children feel equal to all not as we knew us and knows us still take different.
    There is a Romany poem that goes like this when översääter Romani words:

    I am human like you
    from flesh and blood
    I go to you
    I eat you
    I laugh like you
    I gråtter you
    I hate you
    I love you
    I am human like you!

  14. Ake Malmros on March 3, 2012 at 9:18 AM #

    The thing that crime is not high among Gypsies are completely wrong.
    One myth.
    Ask any police officer at any time.

  15. Lenita on March 9, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Hello. I am a Finnish gypsy and I have never heard of that one burns up clothes after someone died ... Jewelry and watches and stuff, it is inherited, it has probably been going on for several hundred years. Since it there with the veil, it is not for many of us gypsies, might type in Arabic or stuff like that .. And we have never been Hindus or Muslims .. And if we marry, we have nothing on the head, we just skirt . Some Gypsies do not like skirts that we Finnish gypsies. Some dress as usual. We are either Christians or we do not believe someone religion. We Finnish Gypsies do not induce death by visiting it. I do not understand where you got hold of your information, but it's not quite right. I myself am 16 years old and I have never in my life seen a gypsy to have a veil on her head.

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