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Filmanalys: American Beauty

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1. I think they have lost the love that a normal family should have. Lester (the father) isn’t comfortable with his marriage, he says that the only reason they still are a couple is because other people would think that they are a normal family, he doesn’t love her any more, and she doesn’t love him. They aren’t talking to each other like other families. In some scenes it seems just like they are complete strangers talking to each other, like the family dinners they had, I think that was a desperate try to make the family be normal again. Carolyn’s (the wife) biggest problem was that she didn’t really care enough about her family, the only thing she thought and cared about was her job, and to get the house sold. Lester’s major problem was that he didn’t get the love he needed, in the beginning of the marriage everything was like a dream, but later it almost got to a nightmare. And Jane, at first she seemed just like a normal teenager, but later on in the movie i realized that the parents marriage had affected her, made her think weird things. Like the scene when she was joking with Ricky about killing Lester, that is kind of sick.
2. The thing that Lester and Carolyn had lost was love, like I said earlier in this paper, if they still had loved each other, things wouldn’t turn out the way they did. But then I ask myself, why didn’t they have a divorce? Maybe they were to afraid, scared of being alone, maybe that is how people get after a very long time in a marriage, they get scared of being alone.
3. On this question I have to think for a while before I answer. And the result of all that thinking is that Angela Hayes and Jane’s relationship was the most normal one. Even of Angela was lying all the time about all the men she had slept with, and that she wanted to have sex with Jane’s dad, they were good friends. Because in real life people lie all the time, about everything. Maybe this was a bit extreme, but if I have to pick the most normal one in the movie, I would say this one.
4. This scene is the one I remember the most from the movie. But it is a bit weird, a plastic bag flying around in the wind. But it is here that the proverb ” a picture says more than a thousand words” comes to my mind. And when I watch the bag flying around I can’t help of comparing it to my own life, how it goes up and down, spinning around, flying away and coming back again. It’s so simple, but still so complicated. And it fits so good into the movie, his life was like the bag. And when I watch it dancing with the wind I understand that he thinks that it is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. When I think of other things that could be just as beautiful, or more beautiful, I actually can’t think of anything else… maybe just happiness and love between people, but that is beautiful in another way. And then there are beautiful things to watch also, like animals, but that is a whole other beauty.
5. Yes there are many beautiful scenes with many different kinds of beauty. At first there is the one with the flying plastic bag, that is the most beautiful scene in the movie, the simple beauty of life and what it has to give. And the one when Lester smokes pot for the first time, he seems so happy, and it is all because of drugs. But maybe that isn’t beauty, that he needs drugs to be happy? I don’t know, but it felt good to finally see him smiling after so many years trapped in a bad marriage. And then there is the scene when Colonel Fitts (Rick’s father), comes into the garage where Lester is and makes a desperate try to kiss him. I think he is confused, because he thought that he had seen Rick giving Lester a blowjob (you have to excuse my language, but that is what happened…). That is a kind of beauty in my eyes, Colonel Fitts is so hurt by what he
6. thought his son did, so he tries to understand him, to do something like that to see how it. That is a beautiful scene, but the to understand the beauty in it, you have to look deep into it, and all people doesn’t the opportunity, to do that, so many will not understand how I feel about it.
7. Lester, there is much to say about this man. He has been trapped in a bad marriage like a prisoner in many, many years. And now finally, he can’t take it any more, and he decides to make a stop to it. He talks to his wife, Carolyn, and tells her that he doesn’t love her any more and that he doesn’t care if she leaves him or not. But he also tells her, that if she leaves, all their belongings, the house, and the money will be his according to the legal rights. So she stays with him, but gets another man. Lester knows that she is cheating on him, but he says that he doesn’t care, and it seems like he really doesn’t. In the same time he gets a little crush on his daughters friend, Angela. So he has dreams of her, he is thinking of her, and he wants to have sex with her. Maybe this is a try to forget Carolyn, or maybe an age of forty crises. I would rather say that it is an age of forty cries. Cause everything points to that. The new car, the dreams of getting a younger girl, the training he starts, and he is spending time with the young neighbor Rick and smoking pot together with him.
Rick is another strong and important person in this movie. He had a very hard childhood, because of the father who is very demanding on Rick, and he expects him to do a lot of things that is almost impossible to do for such a young boy. The father hits him if he does wrong, and he is not allowed to do much. When Rick was about 14 years old, his father sent him to a mental hospital, he had to be there for some years. I think he learned a lot of that time there. I think he learned to appreciate the simple things of life that makes it so complicated…

Filmanalys: American Beauty , 2.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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