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Oliver Twist

In Oliver Twist Dickens describes a lot of different persons and that is why I am going to leave some of them out and only talk about the most important. Oliver, who is the main character in the book, is a poor and unhappy child. He is always nice to everybody almost however they treat him. Mr. Brownslow is the kindhearted man who cares for Oliver and helps him get away from the slums. Then we have the arch-villain Fagin. Fagin is a selfish and mean thief who lets others do the rough work. Bill Sikes, Fagin´s greedy companion, who is without any moral, does everything for money.
The action in the book flies forth in a way easy to read and understand. Dickens use a strait and simpel way of writing. Dickens describes the characters as very stereotype.
Something I like in the book is that it throws reader directly into the action.
In some part of the book you notice the realism very clearly and in others not. You can also see things that is typical for the realism. Dickens treats present problems in the society and the story take place in the same time as it is written.
You can imagine when you read it that it is written for a newspaper and in the era of Queen Victoria. People were very conservative in those days.
The message in Oliver Twist is that people need to open their eyes for the poverty and the poorness of the world, and do something about it.

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