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Brev till Abraham Lincoln

Dear Mr. Abraham Lincoln:

I am an exchange student from Sweden, now living in the Land of Lincoln.
I have heard that you were a good president, and that’s probably the only thing I knew about you before some research for an English test. After some research, I found out that you were an excellent writer too. President and an excellent writer, that’s not a bad career.

Nowadays you are not only an ex-president; you are a true national hero. In Springfield, your own hometown, people can visit the Lincoln Museum and library.
Here people can read more about your life, both before and during your time in the White House; we can also find information about your books. The museum and library are among the most attractive in our state, and thousands visit it every year. Many teachers make yearly trips to take students to your center. You would be proud if you could see them. People have done an excellent job in presenting all of the outstanding things you did for America. You have been honored all over the state with your name.

I have also read some of The Emancipation Proclamation that helped the slaves to be free. We never had slaves in Sweden, so we didn’t need to solve that problem. You tried by sending black people into the army; after all, they should also defend the country they lived in. Alex Haley wrote a book called Roots, which later was made into a movie.
That series is still shown widely in American history classes in schools across the country. Harriet Beecher Stowe, another great American author, wrote an outstanding book, Uncle Tom’s cabin, which depicted the life of a slave. I know you know her well.

Thanks to you for fighting for the freedom of slaves. Great steps have been made in equality for all African Americans. It must have taken a great deal of courage for you to take the stand you did; The Proclamation became one of the greatest turning points in American History. Because of the freedom afforded the black America by your acts, black Americans today own houses and business. They have become Supreme Court judges, senators, congressmen, mayors of cities of all sizes, and foreign diplomats. Many
have become amazing athletes and entertainers. We have black doctors, lawyers, schoolteachers, police officers, fireman, and many other occupations that are making a difference in the lives of all Americans.

Because of your great contributions, America is a better place today. Thank you for giving yourself for this great country that I am now calling home for one year. I know now why Americans hold you in such respect. It has been interesting for me to learn about your great achievements, and I now hold you in deepest respect also. You are one of the reasons that makes America great and why people all over the want to come and see this great country. Many even choose to make this their new home.

I salute you, Mr. Lincoln, for your great successes. Truly, thanks Victor Persson

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