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Cause and effect essay

Between the years 1939 and 1945 a tremendous amount of civilians were killed by soldiers of different nationality and backgrounds, this is also known as ww2. What I’m going to focus on in this essay is what run us ordinary people to kill each other, both in gigantic wars like ww2* and in small family matters that occurs every day all around the globe.
How can ordinary citizens in certain situations be ready to kill?No one has yet discovered the exact reason that drives ordinary people like you and me into becoming murders. If you would pick someone at the street and ask him whether he would consider killing someone he’ll most likely say no or just walk away. Still it’s very likely that the same person actually would kill someone in certain situations. Below you’ll find the headlines for some of the theories to why this man is likely to kill an other human being in certain situations.

• Depersonalization of the victim
• Instinct of self-preservation (fear)
• Not having control of himself; drugs

Depersonalization of the victim

As a soldier in a war you are almost forced to kill someone sooner or later. These situations must be very stressful and the best way for the commander of the troops to prevent disobedience must be to depersonalize the enemy, to make them look like animals or just don’t let the soldiers meet the enemy face to face. An example of that is the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It must have been quite easy to just push the button, drop the bomb and go home compared to meet and kill everyone face to face.

Sometimes it’s no one but yourself that depersonalize someone, for example if you are very jealous you might depersonalize the one that you are jealous at just to feel better about yourself. Most people won’t kill just because they’re jealous but for individuals that are suffering of mental instability the case might just not be the same.

Instinct of self-preservation

If someone tries to harm or kill you, you might kill someone in the attempt to escape or in an attempt for revenge. Even if this not was your intention you have still killed someone.

Not having control of yourself; drugs

By using some drugs you may loose control over yourself and therefore do things that you otherwise wouldn’t. For example you could become more aggressive and kill someone in rage for no good reason. Despite being on drugs some people might be more aggressive that others but still be looked upon as normal in general.

Counterargument: Instinct of self-preservation

Although you’ll try to defend yourself if someone tries to harm you it’s very unlikely that you actually would kill anyone. Therefore this argument is quite silly and should be replaced.


Human beings has always been killing each other, it’s just the methods that have changed. During the 20′Th century the human race found new ways to kill itself, even in giant gas chambers during ww2*. It seems to lie in our nature to kill; useful during the time when humans weren’t the only dominant species on earth but dreadful in today’s society.

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