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Deep Purple

Deep Purple is a very famous band that was formed in 1968. The band members were:
Ritchie Blackmoore (guitar)
Rod Evans (vocals)
Jon Lord (keyboards+backing vocals)
Ian Paice (drums)
And Nick Simper (bass+backing vocals)
And are now Ian Gillan (vocals), Roger Glover (bass and backing vocals), Don Airey (keyboards), Ian Paice, (drums) and Steve Morse (guitar and backing vocals)Deep Purples most famous song is Smoke on the water.

Ian Paice is the only one that has been in the band from the begining he was 19 when he joined the band most fans like him alot because he is one of the best drummers in the world.

Don Airey the keyboard player joined the band in 2001 beacause John Lord got injured and retired from the band ever since he has been the keyboard player in the band.he has during his musical career plaed for bands such as Black Sabbath, Whitesnake and Judas Priest. These are just a small sum of ands he has played with.

Roger Glover joined the band in1969 as the bass player and producer of songs but left the band in 1973 but not as a producer. Now he has rejoined as the bassist and he says on their site that he had forgotten how fun it was playing with his friends.

Steve Morse is the bandleader he went to Miami University to study classical and jazz guitar all though this does not show when he plays the guitar. He has also been voted best gutarist for five years in a row in the papers of guitar player. He joined Deep Purple as lead guitarist in1994.

Ian Gillan joined the band in1969 with his now rock legend voice. His first DP album was on ´Concerto for Group and Orchestra´. But he did´nt make a big impact on the fans untill ´in rock´, ´fireball´ and Machinehead and when they realeast `Smoke on the water ´later on in 1973 he left DP to rejoin his own band. But returned to DP in 1993 to become the lead singer agian for DP.

Right now DP are´nt working on anything but you never know when they will recruit a new band member to kickstart the bands what seems a never ending cycle.

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