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Ämne: Biologi, Engelska
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The Bottlenosedolphin is the most known sort of dolphin. It is a fast swimming and playful animal. These dolphins are friendly and intelligent. Their language consists of different types of whistles, we, human beings can hear some of these sounds. But some of them are so high that we aren’t able to understand them.
Bottlenosedolphins live either in groups of just one sex or in a mixture of males, females and kids. They always help each other when they are hunting, in deliveries and with the sick. Dolphins can’t stand living alone.The mate period for Bottlenosedolphins is during the spring and the summer. The baby is born under the water, but the female is pregnant between 10 to 12 months before it is born. During the delivery a female can get help of other females, the baby stays with his mother at least 16 months. If a dolphin is injured, he cries to get help of other dolphins, so he can come up to the surface and breathe.

Dolphins eat many sorts of fish, the hunting method is also different with different fishes. Dolphins always cooperate when they attack groups of fish, it is possible that they use their whistles to confuse the fish. They also eat octopus and other underwater living fish. The Bottlenosedolphin can grow up to 3, 9 meters and weigh up to 200 kg. They can live up to 50 years.
These dolphins live in North Africa, Southern Europe, Great Britain and in the United States. They are not in danger of disappearing.


The common dolphin is the fastest of the small dolphins. It can swim as fast as 44 km /h. They live in big flocks of several hundred animals. The flocks are mixed and they don’t have a leader. This dolphin is slim, and its body is well adapted for swimming. It is often black on the back and white under with brown and violet drawings on the sides, but the color can vary. The skin of the dolphin is very smooth and doesn’t make any resistans in the water. These dolphins like to live in warm waters near the coast. They are never found towards the north like the Bottlenosedolphins.

The common dolphin spends his day hunting fish and playing, but it can never stay under the water more than 3 or 4 minutes. It breathes trough a breath-hole. On the other hand Bottlenosedolphins can stay under the surface during 15 minutes. All dolphins like to play, but the common dolphin is for sure the most playful of all. Some people have seen many of them jump up from the water in high bows and breathe at the same time. Yet, they are very hard to tame.

The common dolphins mate from October to December, the female gives birth 10 months afterwards. Their food consists of different sorts fish and octopus, but most of all they eat Herring and Sardines.

Their worst enemies are the murder whales (späckhuggare) who are also a kind of dolphin. The common dolphin weighs up to 85 kg and grows up to 2, 4 meters. It can live up to 25 years.

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