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Dr King

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Dr King’s speech When Martin arrived at Holt Street Baptist Church he found a crowd of about 5000 people. The church was full and there were many people outside, too. There were a lot of television and newspaper reporters with cameras, too. Martin was nervous when he stood up to speak, because he didn’t have time to plan what he would say. He talked about the things which black people had suffered because of segregation. Then he went on to say that they must unite in their fight against racism. He told them that they had right and justice on their side. “If we are wrong, the Supreme Court of this country is wrong. The crowd was completely at one with Martin now. He told them they mustn’t meet violence with violence. The black people of South had found their leader at last. Martin Luther King had given them courage, hope and unity.The boycott continues All through the early moths of 1956 the black community continued their boycott. They did not use buses: they walked. The white people tried to break the boycott. They found an old Alabama law, which said that boycotts were illegal. Under that law, Martin and 88 other people were arrested. Martin was the first person ever to be found guilty under that law.

Civil Rights Movement grows The Protests in Montgomery was only the beginning. It gave courage and hope to the black people all over the southern states of America. Protests and boycotts began in many places. Martin was now clearly the leader of the black Civil Rights Movements. Martin made many speeches and worked very hard. He had to tell the world about the problems of black people in the South. On 5 may, 1963 the non-violent protests made an important profit. The police and firemen let the marchers go through.

The death of non-violence Martin Luther King’s was murdered by a gunshot 4/4 1968. Martin’s death was a terrible shock to the people all over the world. All his lift he had tried to follow the way of non-violence, but after his death there was many riots all over the country.

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