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The human body can be compared to a car. You have to fill it up with fuel on a regular basis, otherwise it wont work.
The fuel that the human body needs is called Energy.Energy comes from food and beverage, through Carbohydrates, Fat, Proteines, and Alcohol.
For your own wellbeeing should the largest energysource be carbohydrates, fat should be in second place, and proteines last. Alcohol is not a vital source of energy, more like the opposite, i’d say.

Your body does not only consume energy when you work out or when you are doing some sort of physical activity, you also need energy to keep your body warm, to breathe, to digest food, to think, for your blood to circulate, and to repair cells. That means you are consuming energy when you are resting to.

If you want to stay on the alert it’s important that there aren’t more than three hours between your meals. Three main meals and three smaller meals is a good amount of food for one day.
It’s not only important how often you eat, what you eat is imortant too.
Your meals should consist in slow carbohydrates, like fruit, crispbread and pasta. The speed of the carbohydrates in your food depends on how fast your body can get energy from them. Fast carbohydrates, like candy and soda gives you energy quickly, but only for like twenty minutes, then you get tired again.

If you exersise alot, wich I know many of you do, it’s important to eat a small meal, beyond the six regular meals, right after you’ve exersised. This extra meal is called recoveryfood, and is neccesary , becouse it helps your muscles to build up again after all the energy has been squeezed out of them.
Here’s some tips if you want to eat healthy:

-Eat much fish, more than twice a week.
-Eat bread to every meal, not white bread though.
-Use liquid margarine or oil when you cook.
-Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

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