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Genetically engineered foods

A lot of genetically engineered foods look, taste and smell the same as regular foods. Most changes are not visable. Hundreds of foods containing genetically engineered soya could be found on supermarket shelves without the consumer being told. This been has been developed by the agrochemical company Monsanto. As it is now genetically engineered foods are not labled to tell people that they are engineered. So most people will not know when they eat a genetically engineered food. Some people claim that consumers have the right to know what they are eating. While others claim that since the changes of the foods cannot be seen, the consumers have no point of knowing. They also use the fact that there hasn’t been any mishappenings involving manipulated food before. However, if the producers have their way then shoppers will buy hundreds of genetically engineered foods without even knowing it.Some food manufacturers and retailers will label genetically engineered foods voluntarily. Ut this isn’t good enough. Some people require a law that requires a label. In the U.K. Two companys called Sainsbury and Safeway have labeld their genetically engineered foods although they are not required by the law to do so.

The food advisory commitee advises the Minister of Agriculture , Fisheries and Food on whether and how new genetically enginnered foods or ingrdients should be labled. It hasbeen recomended that the engineered food should be labled only when they contain:

*Copeies of a human gene

*Copies of an animal gene which is the subject of religious or dietary requirements, for example, from a cow or pig.

*Plant or microbal material containing an animal copy gene.

This sounds like a very good list. But most engineerd foods will contain neither human nor animal copy genes.

The potential hazards of genetically engineered food are:

*Genetic engineered foods could create new toxins or allergens in foods which could cause ill-health in consumers.

*Genetic engineered foods could spread resistance to substances such as antibiotics in animal and human populations.
No-one yet knows what the long term health effects of consuming genetically engineered food.

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