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George Orwell: Animal Farm

The first scene in Animal Farm is that all the animals are preparing for to go and listen to the oldest pig on the farm “the major”. He says that he will die in a couple of months and that he had become old and weak, He also feels that it is his duty to share the knowledge that he has acquired over the years. The old major tells them that no animal in England is free and that there lives are short and full of pain, that they produce and only get as much food to keep there breath in there bodies. Then he comes to what he really wanted to say, that the man, the human race, are taking all that the animals produce and gives nothing back. The man is to weak to pulling the plough, he don’t lay eggs, he dos not give milk, simply he’s the only being that consumes without producing, he sets them to work and give them back the minimum too keep them from starving, and yet he’s the lord over all animals.
Then he asks the chickens how many eggs they have been laying the common year and how many that had become chickens. And then the cows how many litres of milk they have been drinking of there own milk. The answer is: not a single egg had been a chicken and the cows, or no other animal, has been drinking any milk. The milk and eggs had mr Jones just taking to the market to get him and his men money.
Then he tells them that if they only could remove mankind from the scene they could be able to live there own lives and start a society where all animals are equal and where everyone is happy. He ends his speech with “I am one of the lucky ones, I am 12 years old and I have had over 400 children, such is a natural life of a pig, but no animal escapes the cruel knife in the end cause when man don’t need us the kill us and eat us”. He points at some “young porkers” and says to them that they all will scream their lives out at the block within a year.

This old pig inspires the animals to do their own revolution, he said that they should vote if the wild animals, such as rabbits and rats, are “comrades” or not. The vote where taken at once, and rats and rabbits where taken as comrades. Then he reminds them of their duties, even when they have conquered mankind they may not adopt his vices. No animal shall sleep in a bed, live in a house, wear clothes, drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. Conclusion: all man habits are evil.

The reason to why I am going in so deeply in the old mayors speech, is because this speech is much important for what’s coming up in the book. Before he quits his little speech he sings a song for them called “the beasts of England” and before the major reached the end some of the animals also is singing the song, even the dumbest ones, all animals are singing it there own way.

You can compare this song that the animals wore singing with “internationalen”, not the first and second international that some leaders from the old Soviet union invented, but the song that is named “internationalen” and off course there is a Russian original that was shouted out loud during the Russian proletarians victory over the Tsar-family during “the october revolution”.
I don’t find is necessary to quote some fraises in the song for what’s coming up, but I’ll do it any way to proof that “the beasts of England” is some type of battle song that will improve the moral of the animals during bitter times.

“Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to to my joyful tidings,
Of the golden future time.”

One verse in the song goes like this:

“Riches more than mind can picture,
Wheat and barley, oats and hay
Clover, beans, and mangel wurzels,
Shell be ours upon that day.”

The other parts of the song, witch not are quoted here, are taking up things like removing the whip from the back of the animals, and that all animals must stay together to come victorious from the battle against mankind. I don’t know if this song exists in real life, or if Orwell made it up for the story; but it’s truly a song that has a really good text.

Three days later the old major died in his sleep by natural causes, and all the animals helped to bury him in the orchard.
As i told you before the old mayor has inspired the animals to fight for their freedom, and the work of teaching and organizing the rebellion was naturally fallen upon the pigs, because they were the smartest animals on the farm. Two pigs named Napoleon and Snowball really wanted this revolution to happen, and they started to plan what was about to be done. They even made there own “ism”, known as Animalism.
The two “leaders” had some troubles in the beginning, caused by some animals asking questions like “will there still be sugar after the rebellion?” and a horse asked if he still could wear ribbons in his mane. Napoleon and Snowball said no to this questions, because it will not be in their interests to produce sugar and the horse must understand that freedom is worth more than ribbons. The asking animals agreed, but they didn’t sound very convinced.

And then one day when Mr. Jones and his men were drunk and whipping the animals for fun, the revolution took place. The animal didn’t plan this, they just attacked the humans, and they burned the whips. The horses ribbons and the cruel knifes that he had been used to castrate lambs and pigs, were together with the bits and the noose rings, thrown in the well.
After the revolution Napoleon, Snowball and all the animals introduced “the seven commandments”. The seven commandments are:


1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.

Now everything seems fine for the animals but somethings are still not right.
The first thing they does is to milk the cows and they the animals wonders what do with all that tasty milk.
-nevermind the milk Comrades Napoleon says, the harvest is more important.
So the animals goes down to the hayfield ,all except Napoleon who says that he gots something he must do and he shell follow in a few minutes.
And when they return after a hard day out in the fields they noticed that all the milk has disappeared. The harvest was even more succesful then they thought, they worked real hard but they surely get rewarded aftrewards with as much hay that they could eat.
Boxer was a horse that had been to work many times under the times of Mr Jones, he was were the work was hardest and he became beefy as a bull. Hes answer to every problem was “i will work harder” he had even made an arrangement with one of the cockerels to wake him up an half an hour earlier than everyboy else.
By now every animal on the farm worked according to his own capacity.

Napoleon said that learning the next generation about the animal farm that was named Minor farm by the animals themselves was very important fot the future of the farm. Napoleon took away four dog puppies from some dog mothers to educate the children.
We will come back to the puppies later, believe me.

Everything woked fine on the farm exept for that sometimes food just disappeared mysteriously.
The animals made there own flag,on the flag Snowball painted a horn and a hoof that he said signified the future republic of the animals (remeber the hammer and the cutter).

Napoleon and Snowball has differnet opinions about what the animals shell work with, Napoleon thinks that they should carry on with the harvest to make a big rune next year and Snowball thinks that they shall build a windmill cause it will encrase the capacity of the farm.
the animals formed themselves into two groups on with the slogan “Vote for Snowball and the 3 day week” and “Vote for Napoleon the full manager”. Snowball wins this fight the majority off the animals voted for him, then the four dogs we talked about earlier and chases away snowball from the farm so Napoleon was the only leader left (the story are built on what happend in the CCCP, Leo Trotskij (Snowball) was chasen away from Soviet By Josef “Stalin” Dzjugasjvili and Stalin tried to killèm 13 times before succes. He was killed under his exil to Mexico by one of Stalins Agents anmed Ramon Mercader on the 20th of August 1940 with an ice pick).

Now Napoleon was the only leader left on the farm and he blamed everything that went wrong on Snowball and said to the animals on the farm that Snowball was one of Mr. Jones agents all the time. In a couple of mounts he decided that they would build a windmill after all and the animals agreed.

When they was nearly finished with the Windmill a couple of friends to Mr. Jones attacked the farm and blew up the windmill, and off course Napoleon blamed Snowball. Next time they build the windmill with walls that was twice as big as before and mankind blew it up too.
Boxer went real angry and worked harder to rebuild the windmill but his muscles wasn’t that strong as they were in his youth, he stopped breathing when he was working. Napoleon had
already started to take help from humans when this happened and the animals had build a house for all the pigs on the farm and they didn’t meet the pigs that much, most of their time they were in their cabine.
The animals had a meeting and some pigs were murdered by Napoleons dogs cause they had contact Snowball, then some other animals confessed things. a sheep confessed that he had urinated in the drinking pool, and a goose confessed that he had secreted six ears of corn during last years harvest. They were also killed by Napoleons dogs that were guarding him night and day. all animals that Napoleon thought were against him was killed at this meeting ( remember the Moscow trials when fifty percent of the bolsjevik party were killed by Josef Stalin and his dictatorship started for real when the real communists and Rebels were dead).

Napoleon and the other pigs had by now started to sleep in beds and when the animals on the farm looked on the 7 commandments they weren’t the same as before the 4th commandment went like this “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets” and the 6th commandment was “No anmial shall kill any other animal without cause”. The animals couldn’t remember if the commandments went like this, but they where a little suspicious.

years passed and then one day when the animals on the farm where starving more then usual and they saw a pig coming from the cabin walking on his hind legs all the commandment was now in disorder and they bigs werent saying “four legs good, two legs bad” anymore now they said “four legs good, two legs better” and the last commandment “all animals are equal” where now “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal then others”.

In the very end of this book the animals on the farm cant spot the difference between Napoleon (that by now is wearing clothes and walking on his hind legs) and the other humans.

In this book Orwell says like the rest of the communists that the power in the old CCCP was extremely corrupt and that you cant call Stalin a communist, he was a dictator. I feel that every person in this book is a symbol of people that have existed in real life. Napoleon is Stalin, Snowball is Trotskij and i think that the horse Boxer are Orwells symbol of the Russian proletarians that have worked for many years without getting paid.
I cant believe how much black paint that we have over the word communists in this days and how USA could paint so much black paint over an “ism” that wants everyone to live in happiness, without Stalin I don’t think this is possible. He has painted all the communists with black paint.

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