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Graham Green: Travels With My Aunt

I liked this book a lot. It was very funny, I also learnet a lesson from it. I learned that you can have fun even when you are old, ant that love has no age.The book Travels With My Aunt is mainly about Henry Pulling. He is an old retired man who lives in England. The book startes when Henry is atending his mothers funeral. Henry’s mother was a very strikt mother and Henry has been raised very strictly, his mother also hid the reality of the world from him. Henry does not have a very big family left. So at the funeral of his mother there is not many people. A old woman walks up to Henry. She presents herself as Aunt Agusta. After the funeral Henry gets invited for a cup of coffee by Aunt Agusta. He followes her home where they take a drink. However, before they leave from the church Henry brings his urn containing his mothers ashes.
When they arrive at Agustas house Henry gets introduced to Wordsworth. He is a tall negro who is very kind. However he dosen’t speak very good English. He lives with Aunt Agusta. They sit down for a drink that has been prepared by Wordsworth. After a few houres it is time for Henry to leave. On his way down he remembers his urn that he left with wordsworth in the kitchen. He walks up to Agustas appartment, Wordsworth comes out of the door with the urn and Henry leaves.
When Henry comes home he works with his dhalias for a while, dhalias is one of Henrys big passions.
The next day a police officer called Seargant Sparrow contacts Henry. He sais that he suspects Aunt Agusta and Wordsworth of having drugs and that he needs to talk to everyone ho has been in contact with Wordsworth and Agusta. Seargant Sparrow suspects that Wordsworth has hid drugs in Henrys urn, so he takes the urn with him to the police station. However Henry does not get his urn back and heares nothing from Sparrow. One day Sparrow visits Henry and tells him that there was pot in the urn and no ashes left. However, Wordsworth ho is suspected has run away.
Aunt Agusta is going away so she askes Henry to take care of her appartment. Henry sais yes. The day after Agusta leaves Henry goes to aunt Agusta to make sure that everything is o.k. When he gets there he first searches around the whole appartment to check if there is any more pot. Suddenly Henry hears a knock on the door. In comes Detective Sparrow and his colleague. They allso search the appartment but they find nothing.
Soon Aunt Agusta returns. Agusta wants to go to Brighton with Henry, but Henry has never travelld a lot. However, he gets convinced to come with.
Henry and Agusta check into a hotell, after that they go out and take a drink at a pub. Henry notices that Agusta drinks very strong drinks and a lot of them too. Agusta then takes Henry to an old friend who she has not met for several years. She works in another pub in the city. She is a fortuneteller and tells the future of Henry.
They return home. But soon Aunt agusta wants to travle again. So she takes Henry with her to Paris. They check into a hotell. Henry hears a story about Mr Viscintoi from Aunt Agusta. Mr Visconti was Agustas lover for many years ago, and she allso tells him that she wishes to find him again, maybye in Paris. In Paris Henry also meats Wordsworth. He takes him to a klubb, but Henry soon leaves.
After a day or two Henry and Agusta jump on to a train that is going to Istambull. They get on the the train and are off. A couple of stops later a young girl who presents herself as Tooley gets on the train. She stayes in the cabin next to Henry’s but they socialice in Henryäs cabin. Hensy like sher a lot, he thinks it is very interesting to talk with someone so young. On the second day of the train trip Tooley takes up a cigarett. However, the ciggarett is of Pot. Henry gets very scared that someone will find out about Tooley smoking pot, but luckely no one does.
Aunt Agusta and Henry arrive to Istambul. Henry has got to her many stories about a General Hakeem. However, it is first in Istambul that he meats him ofr real. General Hakeem searche Agustas hotel room for drugs.
Henry returns home and does ot hear from Aunt Agusta for a very long time. He feares that she may have died. However, one day he gets a poastcard from her, there it sais that he should come to Paraguay.
When he arrives in Paraguay he learnes that the reason for him being there is that Aunt Agusta wants to have someone from her family there when she is going to get married with Mr Visconti. Henry finds himself a wife in Paraguay too. And toards the end of the book we learn that Aunt Agusta isn’t realy Henrys Aunt but his moter.

Henry- Henry is the main character in the Novel. He was brought up very strictly. His mom hid the real world from him. His dad did not really care about his family. He was very lazy, Henry tells us a story about his father in the book. Once when Henry came home he found his dad in the Bathtub sleeping. When Henry was about to leave his father told him to lock the door from outside so that he wouldn’t have to go up and lock it himelf.

Agusta is a very happy person. She is the opposite of Henry and likes to party. Although she is old she knows how to have fun and she also drinks a lot. She helps Henry to open up his eyes to the world.

Seargant Sparrow is a nice person, however in his job he is not so nice. Henry is very mad at Seargantm Sparrow because he did not return Henrys mothers ashes to him. Although Sparrow was just doing his job.

Wordsworth is a very big person. He is a negro, this makes Henry very suprised. Wordswortrh lives with Aunt Agusta in her appartment. He is her servant and she uses him for many favors. However, Wordsworth often askes for a CTC when he has worked hard. A CTC is a tip. Wordsworth gets very jealous on Henry when he goes away with Agusta.

Tooley is a pregnant teenager that Henry meats on the train. He thinks she is very interesting because he does not usually talk to young teenagers who have problems. Tooley is pregnant and is on the train to try to get rid of the baby, she tink that all the shaking will kill the baby. Tooley does not know where her father is and her mother is dead. She knows that her father is alive and is a CIA agent though.

O,Tooley is Tooleys father. He is an CIA agent. Although he does not tell Henry that he is a CIA agent. However, he tells Henry that he is a social worker and is doing a study on how long time a person urinates. Henry does not beleive this and after a while gets the truth out of O’toole.

I though that this book was very good. I liked the fact that we got messages from the book. We got two important messages. The first one is that you are never to old to get married. Agusta shows us this by marrying Mr.Visconti att the end of the book.
The other lesson is that even if you are old you can have a enjoyable life and that you don’t have to sitt and do notghing all day long.
I would gladly recomend this book to anyone who likes to read novels. I like to read novels, although I very seldom read these kind of books. I usually read science fiction or fantasy, however this was a nice change.

The plot of the book is that Henry learns ot get more out of life. Agusta who he beleives is his aunt helps hom to realise that

The main plot in the book is that Henry learnes to get more out of life. Henry changes very much in the book. In the beginng he is very shy and wouldn’t dream of going to Paraguay as he does in the end of the book.
There are several other small plots in the book, for example when Aunt Agusta tells Henry that he has been brought up poorly.
Another side plot is that Henry meates Tooley who he enjoys a lot. She is smart and tells him a lot of things that he didn’t know about the life of young people.
However two more of the biggest plots are that Aunt Agusta is getting married at a very late age. This is not very common and makes us who read the book wonder if it is appropriate or even possible. Another big plot is that Henry also is getting married in the end of the book. However he is geting married with a 16 year old girl.

Graham Green: Travels With My Aunt, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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