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Grizzly bears

Ämne: Biologi, Djur
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Alaska is often called the last stronghold of North American’s grizzly bears, and for good reason: this is where Ursula horribilis has been given its last best chance to survive.
And thrive. Tens of thousands of grizzlies once roamed the lower 48 states.
Now there are less than 1,000 distributed in isolates groups in Montana, Wyoming Idaho and Washington.
In Alaska meanwhile the population of grizzlies and their coastal counterparts,
Brown bears us estimated to be about 31,000.
Powerful carnivores equipped to kill other large mammals, grizzlies deserve our respect.
When surprised or threaende, they’ll do whatever it takes tp protect themselves.
That may mean feeling. Or attacking
Bear attacks on humans are in fact quite rare.
Yet grizzlies have been inaccurately portayed as marauding and unpredictable killers.
Weve been raised whit an ingrained fear of bears tahts out proportion to realiy.
Says an alaska biologist mike McDonald. We ve been taught that if you see a bear,
You are gonna get eaten.
Servile precautions can be taken to minimize the chances of an unwanted encounter.
Whenever possible walk in open country during daylight hours.
When passing through forested areas or thick brush make noise.
Sing talks loudly clap your hands.
Keep alerts and look for signs of bear’s fresh tracks bear scar claw marks on trees
Matted vegetation or animal carcasses.
And leave the family dog at home.
Traveling in-groups is recommended no grizzlies bear
assault has even been reported on a grope of six our more people.
Cook all meals away forms tents and hang food out of reach.

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