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Jamaica is the third biggest island in the Caribbean island-world. It lives around 2, 6 million people there, at an area on 10´990 km2. The capital is Kingston. The language is English, but also something named Patois.
The currency is Jamaican dollar. 1 JMD = 100 cent = 0, 23 SEK. But then even have American dollar.
80% of the population is Christian, but 5-10% is Rastafarians. They have dreadlocks and tangled knotted beard. The most famous Rastafarian is Bob Marley.

Jamaica has almost no seasons; it’s about 27-30o C in the days. But it’s rain season May/June and October/November. In the rain season it is a bigger risk for hurricanes.
Jamaica is famous for its white beaches. The most popular are found along the north coast, in Negril over to Port Antonio.
The travels agencies are often entice people with beaches, red sunsets, crystal water and umberelladrinks. But Jamaica is so much more than that. It is forest rich mountains, caves, rivers and very much exotic growth. The animals are almost gone because it’s so many tourists, but reptiles feel happier. It’s almost only import animals left.
In other countries you can be sick if you drink of the water, but you don’t need to worry about that I Jamaica. Only if it had been at storm or like that and the water were polluted.Music is very important on Jamaica. In every corner, every taxi car and afternoons gymnastic in the pool they play reggae in cracked speakers. But it doesn’t do anything, and it doesn’t do anything that you don’t have get a towel in three days at the hotel.
Everything is “No problem, man”. It will be alright, so why stress? It is a very happy island.

The food in Jamaica is very hot and spiced. It’s like meet, rice, beans and fish, even coco milk and seafood. To the hot food you can drink strong Jamaican rom.
The most popular food is Jerk, spicy slowly grill meat or fish with the popular and very strong spice Scotch bonnet pepper.
Patty is a sort of pirogue with filling like meat, chicken or vegetables, which they often eat to lunch.
They even eat much pineapples and bananas whose plantations you can see almost everywhere.
Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Coffee from Blue Mountains on the east Jamaica is counting like one of the world’s finest coffee. But it’s very hard to get it on Jamaica. The most of it is being export and the Jamaicans drinks more tea than coffee. So the chance is bigger that you can buy it in Sweden than on Jamaica.

It is a very bad publicity and crime associated city.
It’s recurrent festivals in the city, like Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash, which pay tribute to reggaes father in February, and the recurrent parade on Independent day.
National Dance Theatre Company is famous for their very good dancers, and Jamaica Philharmonics has the classical part.
Rude boys and Rastas
Rude boys are hard boys, often criminals. The famous Dj Yellowman said “The rude boy, the gangster”. It means like rowdy.
But rastas are more social and soft. They’re even very religious. You know them with their dreadlocks.

It started after the Second World War, when the age teenager got longer. Before it just were a couple of years between child and grown-up. But with new school systems you were teenager for a longer time, especially in the big cities. The life was hard in the slums. It formed teenagergangs. That gangleaders named Rude Boys.
Many famous musicians from Jamaica started as a rude boy. Among others Bob Marley and his band The Wailers.
A lot of Jamaican youth are hover between to be a rude boy and a rasta, they who are between them called rude rastas. During the years have the attitude to rastas and rude boys were the in-thing in different times.

A youthgroup in Kinston is the Uprising Lions, they were all rude boys before. But now all of them are rastas. One of them says: Most of our reggae artists take the rude boy path of life before they actually sight up the unity. Even Bob Marley himself the greatest reggae superstar was at one time a rude boy.

The Uprising Lions

Rude Boys Rastas
Bob Marley – The legend
Bob Marley was born in St. Ann on February 6, 1945 on Jamaica. His father, Norval St. Clair Marley, was a white Naval Officer from England. His mother’s name was Cedella Malcolm Marley, she came from Africa.

He moved to Trench Town in Kingston to study, and in 1957 he was educated to a welder. Then he met Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh and they made the group “The Rudeboys”, which later became known as The Wailers. They recorded their first hit “Simmer Down” in 1963, and immediately they became one of Jamaica’s foremost groups.
In 1965 Bob Marley established his own recording/retail company Tuff Gong at 56 Hope Road, there the Bob Marley Museum is today.
In 1966 he married Rita Marley, and they’ve got five children. Steven Marley and Ziggy Marley are today reggae artists, like their father.

During the 70s the group gained international recognition after being signed to Island Records in London. There they released their first Island album “Catch a fire” which rose to critical acclaim.
1973 Bob Marley became a solo artist and took reggae to an international level having a succession of record-breaking albums and tours.
In 1991 proclaimed his birthday be observed as “Bob Marley day”.
He remains today the greatest legend of reggae music. His album “Legend” sold over 10 million copies in the USA. He was a singer, guitarist, songwriter and pioneer of reggae music.

His dead
In May 11th, 1981, Bob Marley died in lung cancer and tumour in the brain at the age of 36 years.
The doctors knew he had a tumour in his right big toe, and if they had amputated it early he would survive. But Rastafarians thinks the body is sacred and you can’t touch it. “Rasta no abides amputation. I don’t allow a man to be dismantled.”
So that tumour spread to his brain. He also had cancer in the skin, which spread to his lungs.
He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami.

“Money can’t buy life” Bob Marley’s last words to his son Ziggy before he died.

The most popular sports i Jamaica are soccer and cricket. Many captains of the West Indies cricket team have come from Jamaica. In the middle of 1990, Jamaica’s national soccer team, the Reggae Boyz, became the first team from an English-speaking Caribbean nation to qualify for the World Cup finals.
Another popular sport is horseracing, which employs a lot of Jamaicans.
Sprinters Arthur Wint and Herb McKinley won three medals at the Olympics 1948, the first year Jamaica entered the games. Since then, Jamaica’s Olympic success in track has been added to by many other athletes, including Merlene Ottey and Don Quarrie.
Reggae Boyz, 1998, France

Famous Jamaicans
It is not so many famous persons from Jamaica. Bob Marley is the most famous, but also the supermodel Tyson Beckford, Busta Ryhmes and Lennox Lewis are from there.
At 1976 Cindy Breakspeare won the Miss World Contest. By the way, she had a affair with Bob Marley to.
Two others are Harry Belafonte and Lilt Ladies.

Cindy Breakspeare


Eternal Father bless our land,
Guide us with thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers,
Be our light through countless hours.
To our leaders great defender,
Grant true wisdom from above.
Justice, truth be ours forever,
Jamaica Land we love.
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love.

Teach us true respect for all,
Stir response to duty’s call.
Strengthen us the weak to cherish,
Give us vision lest we perish.
Knowledge send us Heavenly Father,
Grant true wisdom from above.
Justice, Truth be ours forever,
Jamaica, land we love.
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love.

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