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John Steinbeck: Of mice and men

The book “of mice and men” is written by John Steinbeck . it is about two guys named “lennie” and “george”. They are traveling workers that travel from farm to farm and work a year or two. Lennie is like a dumb kid, but he is big and strong. George is the “smart guy” of the two. He is shorter than lennie. Where the book starts they are on the run from the law, that is because lennie (the dumb one) tried to feel a girls dress, of course the girl thought that he was going to rape her, so she screamed, and the police came and chased them. They came away and George yelled at him because he always started trouble. They went to another state and there they tried to get a new work. They soon got a job at a ranch a bit outside the town. They began to go there, but before they entered the ranch, George said: “if you should start any trouble, just wait here”. Ok said lennie. They went to the farm and began their work. But the bosses son began to trouble them, he didn’t like people that was bigger than him, so therefore he hated lennie. And one day when the bosses son came in to their sleeping quarters to ask where his wife was he got in trouble with lennie. He started to beat him up. But George had said that if he got in to trouble he should fight back for all that he had, but lennie didn’t dare to fight back because he thought that if he did that the boss would fire them and then George wold be angry with him again. But after some punches from him lennie started to get angry and crushed his hand, and with that the fight was over. But the bosses son didn’t dare to say what had happened.George and lennie had a thought of the future, and that was: when they had worked in quite a lot of money they should buy a house them selves. Lennie liked soft things as mice and rabbits, so on their farm they were going to have rabbits. And George had said to lennie that if he go in to more trouble Lennie wasn’t allowed to tend the rabbits.

The days passed and one day all workers went in to the town. All except lennie, he wanted to stay home with the ranches dogs. But before he went there he saw a light in one of the houses. He went there, only the “nigger” was home, lennie sat down and they started to talk about the house and the rabbits that lennie and george was going to buy, and the “nigger” became more and more interested and asked if he could join the project, lennie said “yes” and then went to the dogs in the barn. But he was that strong so when he was going to feel the soft skin of the dog he broke its neck. He covered it with wheat (or something) and went out. Another guy was also in the project, he was called “candy” he had the money in the project. Well well well…, when lennie had covered the corpse of the dog the bosses sons wife came in. And they talked for a while. She found him friendly and they talked more. After a while she asked him to touch her hair, and so he did. But when she asked him to stop he didn’t. She began to scream and lennie was forced to make her quiet, so he held a hand in front of her mouth. But she began to move and lennie began to be angry with her because she couldnt be still and quiet. so when he was going to lay her down on the floor he by mistake broke her neck. He covered the girl in the crops and went to the place where they should go if he got in to trouble. Because he knew that George wasn’t going to be happy of what had happened. After a while candy came in to the barn and found her dead. he knew from the beginning that it was lennie and so did all the others, but they didn’t find lennie. So they grabbed their weapons and began to search for him. George found out what had happened and he went to the “secret place” where they were going to meet. They sat down and Lennie asked : “are you angry with me now??” george said no. Then lennie asked george to tell him about the house they were going to buy and how it should look and so forth. George said look over there, to the mountains and i shall tell you. “Ok” said lennie and george started to tell. But what lennie didn’t know was that George was pointing a gun at his head. George told hem about the rabbits they were going to have and about what they should feed the rabbits with. While George was telling lennie what they were going to have, the search group closed in. George heard that and pulled the trigger. When the search group came up to them they found a dead lennie and a sad George.

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