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John Steinbeck: Of mice and men

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The story is about two men, Lennie and George who are travelling around the country taking casual works. Lennie is mentally retarded. Not that much, but he can not take care of himself. Instead he is a very strong man and a good worker as long as the tasks are simple and monotonous. His whole world centers round George. Lennie is actually a very peaceful and nice man, and all the stupid things he actually does are not meant to be bad. His friend George is the opposite to Lennie and against his will he takes care of Lennie. Well, sometimes one notices a sort of “we against them” friendship, but in the end that feeling is gone. The two men dreamed of having a little cottage on their own, but of course it might just have been a dream to keep themselves up.
When the story begins Lennie and George are on their way to a farm, where they have got a Job. When they get there they understand that the farm is not a very nice place. People are angry and the owner hates Lennie from the first moment. The first night, both Lennie and George wished that they had not gone there. But after a while it seems that Lennie, George and a third man, Candy will see their dream come to true, but before that something really bad happens, and the whole book changes.The story is very simple and so are the words. The only difficult thing is that all the dialogues (and they are plenty) are written in spoken language. Like “Gotta bad gut ache. Them God damn turnips give it to me. I knowed they was going to before I ever eat ‘em.” The whole book goes on like that and it is annoying after a few pages. The environment is described in pretty short, but interesting sentences. And in spite of the boring theme it makes the book fascinating to read.

I did not like this book at all, it is boring, uninteresting and difficult to read. The idea is good but the author fails on the most recent part of the book the events. Interesting things are described very poorly and boring things like the color of the barn is very well described. This is probably why he got the Nobel Price, the winners’ books are usually in this manner. The only good thing with the book is that the author wants (tries) to describe how complicated life can be for a man who really wants to behave well but can not resist the sudden whims. This is fairly well characterized, believe it or not. But anyway, if we are going to read another book I will choose some junk literature. This sort of literature is complicated enough in swedish.

John Steinbeck: Of mice and men, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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