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Jonathan Davis (sångaren i Korn)

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Jonathan grew up in Bakersfield, California. A suburb of California, which is located 120 miles from Los Angeles. “There isn’t much to do in Bakersfield apart from do drugs, fuck and have a kid.” States Jonathan. When Jonathan attended Highland High School he was alienated from his peers because of his artistic leanings. Due to this, Jonathan had the words “HIV” tattooed on his upper-right arm. Basically it’s a “Fuck you to everybody” who called him a fagot. He also sports two more tattoos, the Korn logo, which is located on Jonathan’s lower torso (lower back). And a tattoo of a Crazed Bishop, which Jonathan describes as “Showing how crazy and fucked up religion is.”
At the age of sixteen Jonathan became a coroners assistant for the Coroners Department in Kern County. Jonathan then went on to graduate from the San Francisco School of Mortuary Science. Jonathan was also a manager of a Pizza Hut restaurant. “That was fun! I got everybody high on speed. I was rockin’, cos I was a manager,” says Jonathan. “The worst fucking job I ever did was as a janitor at a county building, in the cafeteria. That was horrible. I had to mop all the fucking floors, clean all the grease outta shit and wash dishes. I hated it.” He describes.
Jonathan currently resides in Belmont Shores, California. “I can see Jonathan’s house from my backyard,” Fieldy chimes.
It was during a local club show in Bakersfield that James and Brian, spotted Jonathan singing for Sex Art. They approached Jonathan to ask him to join the band. “I didn’t want to do it, I went to a psychic, she told me I was stupid if I didn’t do it.” Jonathan admits.
On October 18, 1995, Renee gave birth to Nathan Houseman Davis. He had been expecting a baby girl. “My astrologer told me it was going to be a girl. My little girl has been coming to me in my dreams, and it’s breaking my fucking heart.”
In November of 1990, Jonathan married his long-time girlfriend, Renee. “Man! I gave her a wedding she will never forget,” he enthuses. “I was fully in all armor and wearing a Kings Crown; she’s a fairy. There were all kinds of little fairies and sprites jumping in the trees and shit, it was crazy,” he describes.
Renee and Jon divorced in 1999, in 2002 he got married to Devon Davis. Davis being her orignal last name as well.

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