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Life and death in religions


Jewish belief in life and death

Life: Jews believe that the human soul exists before birth. But at the time when the child is more than half way emerged* from the mothers body, life begins. When a child is born it is free from sins. To keep it, you circumcise Brit Milah the child (if it’s a boy) on the eighth day of the child’s life. Meaning that the child’s foreskin on the penis should be removed. The reason for this is that circumcision is an outer physical sign of the eternal agreement between God and the Jewish people. A person who is not circumcised suffers he’s punishment, in other words there’s no place in the afterlife for him. According to Judaism life should be the most valued thing. And in the Torah it says; taking a single life is like destroying an entire world, and saving a single life is like saving an entire world. You are not even allowed to move a dying persons arm if that would shorten his life. At the age of 12 (The girl) and 13(The boy) according to Judaism it says that they have reached the age of majority* and should celebrate that by having a party called Bar Mitzvah (The boy) and Bat Mitzvah (The girl). They have now the responsibility for their process.

Death: Jews believe that death is part of the life. The dead body should be covered with a white sheet on the floor with candles around. As a sign of respect for the person who died, the body should not be left alone until after the burial. There should be someone who sits with the body who is called Shomerim. They are not aloud to eat or drink because that would be considered as a mock* for the person because he/she can not do these things anymore. Judaism firmly* believes that death is not the end of human existence. They believe that there is an after life called Olam ha¬Ba. There bodies turn to dust, but the soul Neshama in Hebrew is eternal. If they lived a good life and were good human beans, they are sent to Gan Eden, Heaven described as a place of great joy and peace. If they had a lot of sins in life, they are punished after death and sent to Gehinnom, Hell described as a dark hole were you are punished in 12 months, after one year God decides if you are continued to be punished or sent to Gan Eden.


Christian belief in life and death

Life: Christians live by the bible and they believe that it’s a time to be born and a time to die. They believe that the life is a gift to those who accept salvation through God. The baptized Christians say that they don’t die at all the go to the Kingdom of God without death. The other Christians are convinced that they would meet Christ returning upon the clouds of the sky and that they will always be with Lord. The main part in the Christian faith is that Jesus Christ gave his life for the sins that the people have done and was executed, and on the third day after he died people saw him walk alive. Because of that they now have the possibility to have mercy. The Christianity came first from Judaism. When a Christian child is born they have to put the child in a holy water and baptize the child in the name of the Father, Son and the Lord. The most Christian church baptise the whole body and sometimes just the head. The child is baptized in a church because they believe that the name is a gift from God. When a Christian child is baptised they have a Godfather or a Godmother.
Death: The Christians doesn’t just believe that there is a life after death they believe that when they die they are going to a place like a paradise or hell. For the catholics, the death comprises of the life; it is not a especially important rupture. they entrusted thereselves in Jesus who gave his life by us so that they have eternal life.They think that Jesus revived and also that they will revive with Him.Why exists the death? Why we must die?The answer us gives the Bible it:”Therefore, by means of a single man the sin entered the world, and with the sin the death, and the death happened to all because all sinned.” (Roman 5, 12).”The payment that gives the sin is the death; but the gift that gives God is eternal life together with Christ Jesus, our Sir.”The death exists in the world as a result of the sin. As we also are sinful, a day we will die. From the faith we see that in the death together with Christ also we will revive with Him. In funerals they put the body in a coffin, and sometimes the coffin is left open so that relatives can say a final goodbye to the person. The coffin is brought to church or straight to the crematorium where they are going to bury the body. In the church a priest read the bible and talks about the person to remind people of the good things.

Salvation: means to save someone
Executed: to let a capital punishment carry out
Have mercy: to have compassion with someone
Comprise: means extension
Rupture: means to separate something
Revive: to re-establish


Islamic belief in life and death

Life: Islam is one of the biggest religions in the world. It’s even that it started around 1441. They believe in Allah and his messenger Mohammed (S.A.W) The Muslims believe what is written in the Quaraan like the 5 pillar of Islam. 1 to believe in Allah and his messenger Mohammed, 2 to pray 5 times everyday, 3 to pay money or give to the poor, 4 to fast the holey month of Ramadan 5 to go to the holy place Mecca but only who can afford it. The Muslims they don’t baptise the child like the Christians. The Muslims they first let a sheikh read words from the athan as when they are going to pray. Second they put dates in to the child’s mouth. Third they give the child a name. The person has to be clean inside and outside, the person has to be a thrust full person. Circumcision in Islam is what every male has to do. It existed before the birth of the prophet Mohammed and he circumcised himself, and according to Islam you should not only follow Allah’s message in the Holy Quaraan but also what the Prophet said or did.

Death: All people believe in death Including Muslims, Jews and Christians. At Yom al Qiyamah, The Judgment Day Muslims believe that God is going to judge everyone for their process. The Muslims believes that after death there is an afterlife where they are going to be judged by their god (Allah). People will be either admitted to Heaven Al-Jenna by Gods mercy, or entered into Hell Jehennim/Al-Naar by Gods justice. Muslims believes life on earth is just a test for the next realm. When a Muslim dies he or she is washed and wrapped in a clean white cloth and then buried after a special pray. The wrapped body is to be laid directly at the bottom of the dug grave. The body is to be laid on its right side facing the direction of Mecca.

Comparing the religions

Life: All the three religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam believe in their holy books. That life should be followed by what stands in the Bible for the Christians, the Tanaka for the Jews and the Quaraan for the Muslims. For all the three religions life is a very big part for them. The three religions believe that life is valued as the same thing, that life is a test for them in earth that they will be judged by God after their death. But it’s still a gift from God that they should value. When it comes to baptism Christians and Muslims baptise their children but not Jews. Christians baptise their children by washing the child in a holy water and naming them in a church, as a belief that the name is a gift from god. Muslims let a sheikh read the words that is the same in the athan, put some dates in the child’s mouth and give the child a name. Circumcision is what both male Muslims and Jews have to do. But they don’t have the same reason for doing it. Jews do it as a sign of agreement between God and the Jews. Muslims do it because the prophet of their religion, Mohammed (S.A.W) did it. But there is a hygienic reason for them both doing it, avoiding diseases.

Death: The Abrahamic religions are quiet the same when it comes to death. They all believe that there is an afterlife and a time to die for everybody. That there is a reason for death, life is a test on earth where God is judging who is worth ending up in hell or heaven. Hell is described as a place where you are just punished and there is no such thing as joy or happiness, in other words a place where you would not like to be in. on the other hand Heaven is a place where there is great joy and where you really would like to end up in. But what they don’t have common is the way they bury people and their funerals. Muslims dress the body in a white clean cloth and they bury the body facing the direction of Mecca. And according to Islam they should bury the body as soon as possible. Meanwhile Christians have the person in a coffin that is open to say a final goodbye, and after letting a priest read the Bible they bury the body. Jews has a person to stay as a guard called Shomerim for the person who has died, as a sign of respect. They put the body on the floor covered with a white and candles around it before burial.

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