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Marian Keyes

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I have chosen to write about Marian Keyes because I have read a lot of her books and I like her very much. I’ve also read a part of her book called ‘Under the duvet’ that is a book written as a diary of a part of her life. I think that she seems to be an extraordinary person.


Marian was born September 10th in Limerick 1963 and therefore she is 44 years old. Her mother gave birth to her a month overdue so she was supposed to be a Leo instead of a Virgo which she is now. She says in an interview that she often has often wondered what she’d be like if she was born on time and had been a dynamic, sunny Leo instead of a perfectionist Virgo.

Her dream was to go to journalist school but she wasn’t accepted so she went to law school instead. She got a Law degree at university Dublin but she didn’t make use of it because she moved to London to work as a waitress. This time in Marian’s life she was beginning to develop alcohol problems. She lived in London in her twenties and partied and drank a lot in this period of her life.

The drinking problems developed after years and years of very low self esteem and the only time she felt good about herself was when she was drunk. In her thirties after an attempted suicide the people around her finally reacted and helped her to get into rehab. She has been sober and happy about that ever since.

Today Marian and her Husband Tony live together in Dun Laoghaire after moving back from London 1997. She lives happily with him and he is the first man that she has had a healthy relationship with.


From what I’ve read about her and her way to answer questions in interviews she seems like a very humoristic person. She is sort of a perfectionist according to herself and she likes to do things her way. When she writes she’s almost always in her bed at home with her laptop. Her husbands brings her candy and encourages her when she’s feeling down.

Some might say that she lives a glamorous ‘Sex and the city life’ because they think that she lives like the girls in her books but as I said earlier she also had her share of hard times and problems. This is a quite famous statement from Marian which sums up her personality quite good I think: “To sum up, I can’t cook and I’m addicted to shoes, handbags and chocolate in all its wonderful forms. All quite normal, really.”


She started to work in an accounts office when she first began to write short stories, she never intended to write novels (it would take too long), she was too lazy and thought it would take to long. She sent her manuscript to a publisher and said that it was a part of a novel she was working on (which she wasn’t). The publisher asked to see her novel. She had never thought of writing novels but she wrote four chapter of the “Watermelon” in one week and sent it in. The publisher loved it and she got a contract on three novels. That is how “Watermelon”(1995) was born and Marian’s career as a novelist began. Since that she has become a literally phenomena and her 7 novels has sold million copies and have been translated to at least 32 languages. She has never thought of herself as a writer and she has never had any wishes to become one. But my opinion is that when you’re falling on hard times it can feel good to just write it off and escape from reality a while .

While writing her books she realized that she was an alcoholic. She’s now recovering. But as the strong woman she is she turned her defeat into success and used her experience as an alcoholic, her knowledge about divorces, drug addictions and bereavement in her books.

Marian Keyes has written 11 books, novels and chronical collections and she has also contributed to a couple anthologies.

All of Marian Keyes novels are available in Swedish and she has won the prize “Guldpocket” for best selling foreign title.

Marian is considered to be one of the original progenitors of “chick lit”. Chick Lit is funny, romantic literature about single women in their thirties.


I think that the typical reader of her books are women in their late twenties and thirties who are single and enjoying life. Women recognize themselves in her books because she writes very honest and isn’t afraid to write about things that might be embarrassing for some people. The typical reader of the books is a person that is like Marian and Marian is like many women today.


Her big breakthrough came with the book “Watermelon”. It is about Claire who has been left by her husband when she just had his baby. Claire says that it is one thing leaving her but if he just hadn’t left her for their boring neighbour. She moves in with her parents for a while and spends her time feeling sorry for herself. When her husband one day calls her and wants her back, she has had more then enough time to plan a revenge.

Most of her books follow a theme and are about one of the Walsh sisters. There is one book that tells each sisters story. In a way her books are very similar to each other, you can recognize the language use, but each book has a totally different story to tell. The sisters are very different, especially Maggie in the book Angels. She is the exemplary sister without problems that are visible from someone looking from the outside. She may seem like the girl with the perfect life, perfect job and perfect husband. But she feels like she hasn’t lived her life so she runs off to L.A. In the other books about the sisters you get to follow them trough problems with men, drug addiction, suicide attempts and many nights of crazy partying.

In her latest book available in Swedish that’s called “Anybody out there?” we get to follow Anna Walsh, a character who is happy with her life and enjoying it to the fullest. One day she wakes up in her parents’ house with scars and bruises all over herself and she can’t remember how she got there. After a few days she starts to remember what happened. She’s been in a car crash with her husband and he didn’t survive. Her life becomes a search for her husband’s spirit to get a last goodbye from him.

Her work has come to the attention of Hollywood. “Rachel’s Holiday” will be filmed later this year. “Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married” has been made into a sixteen part TV series, Watermelon was a made for TV movie in 2003, and ‘Last Chance Saloon’ was filmed in France.

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