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Marmalade Wine

He walked over to the portable radio and switched it on. The man that read the news was talking about sports. And as we all know, especially Sir Francis, the sports news are read last. “We were unlucky this time, he said. I more than you perhaps but I’m most concerned about if what you told me is true.” He stopped just as Blacker was thinking seriously of killing that man, but he realized that if he failed, he probably got the rest of his legs cut off. Sir Francis walked away from him and out of the room with the words “I’ll be back”. A line from whom had seen too many Arnold Swartznegger movies, Blacker though wile he was laying in the dark. He also noticed the pain from his head and from were his ankles once were attached. Blacker tried to ignore the pain and instead think of how he will get through this. He scared himself when he realized that he was laughing. Suddenly Sir Francis opened the door letting in a small amount of light, but still too much for Blackers eyes, which were used to the darkness by now. “What are you laughing about?” He asked. “I cant see your amusement in this situation.” “Nothing” Blacker replied, still with a smile in his face. “you are one paradox person, you know that?” Blacker added. Sir Francis ignored that comment and turned up the volume on the radio. It was almost time for the eleven o’clock news. “I’m dying to hear about Unwins death.” Sir Francis said. “and if you are right about this you will get the honor to lock over my savings and stocks. They both sat quietly and listened to the news.
Blacker opened his eyes but that didn’t help, it was as dark as before. But he felt an essence that was very familiar to him. He rolled over to were it came from. He was all stressed up and the sweat was dripping from his forehead, but he calmed down when he sensed the body of a woman, his woman. His pajamas were soaked in sweat so he took it of and fumbled after the remote to the TV. The newsreader said that a man named Unwin had won the by-election but were killed later that evening by a man named Sir Francis Deeking who had pushed Uniwn down an empty lift shaft. Blacker turned the TV off and felt down his legs, over the knees and ankles. He struck his hand against his forehead and gave a small sigh of relief. “Go back to sleep” he herd the woman say.

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