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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was written by Charles Dickens. The main character is Oliver Twist who’s nine years old. Oliver is an orphan. He lives in a worker house in Great Britain. His living in a town near London.I don’t know what year the book where taken but I guess around the 1800 century.

The book started with three gentlemen who sat down in the office and discussed Oliver’s future, witch family he will be replaced to. Oliver started to cry and begged for staying in the worker house he where living in. He was just to be replaced to another family when he in the silent night runs away. The poor and mentally weak Oliver continued walking as if he where chased. He arrived to London with his foot’s full of blood and his stomach empty. There he met Dodger. Unknowing that Dodger and his gang are criminal he became friends with them. Oliver helps them with a robbery. He couldn’t run away from the police so he was placed in a cell. There he became sick and one officer took care of him in his own home. Mr and Ms Brown’s cared of Oliver as he was their own kid and was going to educate him in a school as soon he became healthy. On an errand down town Oliver was found by Dodger’s gang to a big fright of Oliver. Oliver where living right in the middle of the industry of spot when the sophisticated and rich Brown family was counting minutes for errand to be done.

I think the book was difficult, I cannot deny that. The words where written with passion and old English, with that ingredient the hole story become more alive. Even if I couldn’t understand many words, Charles Dickens makes me feel sympathy with Oliver. It was a very sad story but even if it was just I few it was some laugh times and funny conversation’s. Charles Dickens way of writing was truly fascinating but the action and the story wasn’t that attractive as I was hoping.

I will remember this book and maybe in the summer continue to read about the adventure of Oliver.

Oliver Twist, 1.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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