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The Character of SatanSatan might be compared to a child. In the beginning, he lived in heaven, and was a nice and
good angel. But when his brother, Jesus, was given something that Satan himself desired, the
innocent child was seized by envy; the first step towards corruption was taken. Satan went to his
companions, and planted in them the same envy that gnawed his own mind. Together they turned
against Jesus and God. This is EXACTLY the same thing as my two two-years-old twin nephews
did after their Christmas holiday this year. One of them had spent his vacation missing a girl at
the daycare center. When they returned, she had been missing another boy! My nephew then
turned to his brother, and together they froze out the other poor boy. Frightening!

The next stage is the regret. Satan realizes he’s inferior, and that he’s sacrificed all that is good,
for such a depressive place as Hell. However, he doesn’t completely wish his actions undone, but
still thinks he’s somewhat right. Probably the same feeling as the one which comes to a child
shut up in the bedroom after some kind of mischief.

Then there is the wish to make the opponent regret the punishment; Satan decides to cause as
much trouble for the Superior as possible. Which is exactly what children sometimes do: For
example, when they throw themselves on the grocery store floor, and scream, until the parent
finally buys the toy.

If violence and other drastic methods fail, there are always flattering and twisting left to use. Satan
does both: he flatters and fawns in front of Eve, when trying to make her eating the apple. He also
tries – and succeeds – to make God’s reasons for prohibiting the forbidden fruit, seem invalid.
Children – well, all people, actually – use the same ways of achieving a goal. A child might come
to you, and make its way up into your lap, to hug you and seem really loving and cute. Before
long, however, a wish is voiced, and you realize: “The world isn’t what it looks like”. As an
example of twisting things, I can mention myself: “But I really DO need this computer game to
develop my English!” It worked, both for Satan and for me.

It’s easy to see the similarities between Satan and Man. Satan might be a little bit more cunning,
and his purposes might be a little bit more extensive, but the mentality is the same.

People have, since birth of Christianity, been interested in Satan. People are interested in their
origin – yesterday their creation; today their culture – and Milton’s version of Satan is by no
means less intriguing. New books dealing with Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, God and the
Devil, are still released, but Milton’s Satan is particularly fascinating, since he is so easy to
identify with; anybody can recognize many of his feelings and actions. Fascinating, and perhaps a
little bit scary? Scary things (women, for example) have always attracted people. It’s human, I

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