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Pearl Harbor

Ämne: Engelska, Historia
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Rafe McCawely (Ben Affleck) and Danny Walke (Josh Hartnett) are young pilots and they work for the American air weppon. Rafe and Danny has grown up together so they are like brothers.
Rafe is falling in love in a nurse called Evelyn Johnson, she is working for the American navy. But when Rafe has to went to the Brittish air weppon, everything is changing. And in that moment Danny and Evelyn has to go to the base of Pearl Harbor navy. But the thing they don’t know is that 120 japanese bombplanes is going to destroy Pearl Harbor.
This is a film about love and war. The film takes place 1941, Hawaii/ Pearl Harbor and it is based on a real event.Danny Walke ( Josh Hartnett) is a young boy, and he love airplanes. He is a very friendly person, he cares about the people who is close to him. And he want to be a hero. He has Rafe McCawley as a idol. He is the same character during the whole film, or maybe he is changing a little bit in end of the film. He is getting being something like a “hero”.
Rafe McCawley (Ben Affleck) he dont want Danny get into trubble or things who is dangerous. He is like a big brother for Danny.
When Rafe had to went to the Brittish air weppon, Danny wanted to follow him. But Rafe told Danny to stay at the American air weppon, because it was more safe there. Rafe is changing character in the middle of the film.

There is one thing I love with this movie, or I can’t say that I love it, because it was when Danny die, and just a second before he die Rafe tell Danny that Danny is going to be a father.
The film is VERY GOOD ! I love it , I have seen it 24 times, just because it is a beautyfuil story with both war and love. And I love films with war. I really recommend this movie to others, because it is worth to see! I promise you.
Idon’t want to say so much about the film, because it is not fun to look at it then. You need to see the story by yourself.

Pearl Harbor, 2.5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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