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Resedagbok till Uranus

Ämne: Engelska, Historia
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Killing Darth Wäther

I’m flying in my new spaceship, it’s a RM 340 Rex. It’s so smooth and very good looking too.
But now to my destination, I’m going to Uranus where Darth Wäther is going around and just killing people. What’s this?? I’m looking on the radar, it’s a speedingship. Now it’s slowing down just becides me. I’m talking to him on my ultra slim idim monitor dvd player. He wanted to race to Pluto. I told him: Yes lets go!!
We started so fast that I thought for a moment I had a concussion, but I shaked it off.
He was before me, I’m up in 1500 km/s. In that moment I didn’t hope that he got some NOS
in his monster. I’m taking in on him, I’m looking on my speedometer, it is up in 3000 km/s, now I’m up becide him. I’m pushing him to the left and….. Boom.
He goes into a meteor. Yes, I’m slowing down and I’m going to him, he wasn’t hurt but a little shaked. He didn’t think that I was cheating so he gave me 3000 megapounds. I told him thank you, and I went to cyber bar just a planet away.
Now I’m there on cyber space bar, I walk in to the bar. There were Bubba who is a special elephant with many trunks, species. His skin is violet and his language is very special. He talks with his trunks. It sounds something like this: Phiii Phuuuuu Pruuu Pliiiiiiii.
It’s sounds like an jukebox talking to me. Now a lady robot comes to us.
- Do you want to order?
- Phi phu, said Bubba
- He wants a space burger with extra moon cheese, I refilled.
- Ok, and you sir?
And I said:
- I want a Neptune’s burger with extra flens* and a extra small space beer. I whispered to the robot: I’m driving.
The lady robot head to me and walked away.
A while later she comes back with the very good-looking food. Yummy, the Neptune burger was the best of the best, the flavour well yes oh yes. The burger just disappeared and I’m starting to be al filled up. So now I am leaving Bubba.
-Phriii, Bubba said.
Nice to see you too, I said. Going to my parking spot and there it is, my baby.
My monitor voice wonder if I had a good meal and I said yes. Bella (my monitor voice) told me that we were close now.
Later that day…
Finally I’m at Uranus, the landscape is beautiful out here. The air is not the best maybe, but I can breath. Okay time for my task, killing Darth Wäther. This is the first killing I’m gonna´ do, oh I’m so exited.
I’m buying the newspaper for some tips. At the front page I’m reading: Darth Wäther is finally dead. He took his own life with his laser sword. So I thought what am I going to do now??
Then Bella said: well why can’t we go around? I said why not, that’s a good idea.
We started to explore the country, it was very beautiful, I think I want to move here.
Uranus got everything, spacebar, spacebath, even a spacebeach with beautiful ladies. As I said before Uranus got everything. I pulled over and putted on my swimming suit. And I’m walking closer to the beach… Wow that was close,, I almost stepped on a turtle baby. The baby screams to me and a turtle’s parents went to me and well, we don’t have to go into that, right??! The tempetures in the water is around 20 degrees warm so it’s pretty good water here. The sun is good, it’s very good UV-lights so everybody looks like chocolate cream. Well after this nice bath I started to look after a house, a pretty big house so I can have a fiesta.
Not a penny over six million mega pound.
If you want to go to Uranus It’s only gonna cost you 10000 mega pounds per light-years. Go with S.A.S. Airlines, book the flight on Airlines’ office or login on

The end of the galaxy

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